Prayer of thanksgiving in good and bad times

Father God

We, the Triune God, we bless all our people, each one of them, as we love them as they are my own creation, but my people do not see their blessings, they see only the sadness upon them. My people, thank your God, your Lord, in good and bad times, saying:

I thank you, Lord. I praise you. I glorify your holy name. I adore you in times of hardship and tribulation. I love you for the graces and blessings, for the trials I encounter every day. In times of [affliction], sickness and illness, I ask you to strengthen me to have courage, to trust you, knowing that you are at my side with my Blessed Mother’s Virginal Mantle upon me, that I am safe in your loving arms.

My people must recite these, my solemn words, given to you. My little lamb, you do bring joy and peace [by] transmitting our love to them.