Chapter 4: Loving sacrificially prepares us for eternal life

Themes: God's love and mercy, heaven, loving God, loving others, sickness and suffering, trials and tribulations
Charles Pritchard

When you give your will to Jesus Christ in humility and obedience, as he did to his Father, he will abide in you and direct you towards your sanctification. Jesus did not promise paradise in this life, but he did promise that if we follow his commandments, we will be filled with his love and peace, and we will understand our purpose on this earth and have the strength to see it through. Attacks of evil bring all sorts of illness, sufferings, trials and disasters, but if we embrace them in the right way, in God’s love, trust and obedience, not meeting sin with sin, we will grow stronger spiritually, and in time to come, we will understand why we had to go through our earthly purifications. By forgiving and loving our enemies and those who have hurt us, we plant the seeds of goodness in their hearts. By praying for them, we are watering these seeds by sending God’s graces to them for their salvation. This act of sacrificial love defeats the work of Satan. The souls that we save through our unconditional love and prayers, as Jesus did on the cross to his enemies, will be eternally grateful one day in eternity when they see the sacrifices that you made for them. These crosses, lightened by Jesus Christ’s heavy cross for us, truly are graces as they strengthen us for all eternity if we embrace them in God’s love.

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