Chapter 8: The angels and saints are our heavenly helpers

Themes: heaven, praying, spiritual warfare
Charles Pritchard

God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Like us, the saints in heaven are part of the Body of Christ. They are our heavenly helpers and are happy to pray for us, to protect us and to help us to fight evil spirits in the holy name of Jesus Christ.

There are thousands of Catholic saints who obediently followed Christ on earth, who bore many fruits and through whom intercession miracles have occurred after their deaths. They are happy for us to call on them for help. The saints are powerful prayer warriors and are of great assistance in their areas of patronage. Reading about the lives of these saints will give you insight as to whom to ask for help in specific situations. In addition to the well known saints, there are many forgotten saints who can be called upon to intercede for you.

As the Scriptures show, the angels in heaven have always been with us, in particular Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, who bring protection with their troops of angels. St Michael is well known for combating Satan and his evil spirits, St Gabriel is the messenger who gives us strength and St Raphael brings healing upon us. Our guardian angels are always accompanying, guiding and shielding us from enemy attacks.

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