Chapter 13: Pray for the dead

Themes: death, hell, purgatory
Charles Pritchard

Most people die in an impure state. To enter heaven, they need to be purged (cleansed) of their sinful bondages in purgatory. The purifications of purgatory are worse than those experienced on earth, but not as severe of those in damnation of sin in hell. Our prayers and Holy Mass offerings alleviate the sufferings of the souls in purgatory and help them to reach heaven quicker. We trust in God’s mercy for those in damnation of sin to be rescued through our prayers, even if only at final judgement. 

Many of us are victims of generational curses and by praying for the dead in our families, as they are loosened of their sins in purgatory, so too are we released of any generational bondages. If you are praying for someone’s healing, take the time to also pray for the deceased in this person’s family – this act of love will enable quicker healing as these souls cannot pray for themselves, but they can and will pray for you and your petitions.

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