Chapter 15: Bless your home with holy water and salt

Themes: spiritual warfare
Charles Pritchard

Anything in your home that is offensive to God gives evil authority to be in your surrounds and should be removed. Praying to the Holy Spirit will help to identify these items, which could for example be: offensive music, movies, games, books, pictures and statues; imagery of pagan gods, idols, witches, wizards, ghosts, dragons, devils; superstitious items such as evil eyes, charms, amulets, tarot cards, angel cards; cult symbols such as one-eyed illuminati characters and other evil contortions of God’s creations; items subject to rituals, occult activity and witchcraft, such as mutis, potions, lotions, bones, dolls, hairs, powders, etc. If any of these items have been identified, after praying for protection, sprinkle them with holy water (which has an exorcism blessing from a priest) and say, “In the name of Jesus and by Jesus’ authority, I command you, evil spirits, to go to the foot of the cross of Jesus. I bind you there never to come back again.” Then destroy them, preferably by burning them.

Start the blessing of your home with an opening prayer to the Holy Trinity, an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, also inviting St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael the archangels to come with their troops of angels to help to cleanse your home. Then, with a blessed crucifix in hand, walk through your house, sprinkling holy water in each room, making the Sign of the Cross and commanding any evil spirits to go in Jesus’ name. Holy water can be lightly sprinkled on the floors of each room, in cupboards and on the windows, while a pinch of holy salt can be placed in each corner of the room. Repeat in each room and within the boundaries of your property. Place a thin line of holy salt at the entrances of your home and on windowsills to block any evil from entering. While praying, burning incense that has been blessed by a priest is also very powerful in cleansing your environment. Seeking a priestly blessing in your home is also of great benefit.

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