Chapter 20: Pray the Holy Rosary

Themes: praying, Rosary, spiritual warfare
Charles Pritchard

The Holy Rosary invokes the heavenly intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary to her Son Jesus Christ. It is a powerful prayer that allows us to meditate on the Mysteries of Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit to talk to us in the depths of our heart. God is calling us to pray the Rosary daily because it is very powerful in combating Satan and his evil spirits. In particular, we are called to pray without ceasing for the living and the dead; against Satanism and witchcraft; for Jesus’ way to be reinstated in schools and governments; to stop abortions, wars, crimes and disasters; for the Church, its missions, the clergy, priests, bishops, cardinals and the pope; for God’s servants, the sinners and the conversions of nonbelievers; for purity in the media, which is filled with sin and godlessness; for the sick and marginalised; for abused children; for faithfulness and unity in marriages; for the persecution of Christians to stop; to pray against the implantable chip, the triple-six sign of the beast; for the Chastisement to stop; for the alleviation of the pains of Jesus’ Sacred Heart and Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart; and for many other petitions.

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