Chapter 22: Prayers of deliverance assist in healing

Themes: praying, spiritual warfare
Charles Pritchard

Laying of hands and prayers of deliverance by God’s servants are helpful in healing and driving away evil spirits, especially for those who are heavily oppressed and possessed by evil spirits. It is important to not allow just anybody to pray over you. Make sure that this person is a true servant of Jesus Christ, is living a saintly life, lives by the teachings of this book, has the fruits of the Holy Spirit and ideally has the blessing of a bishop to do deliverance prayer. As Jesus says, you will know them by their fruits: not their words, façade or external appearance. In today’s times there are many false prophets and wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing who come under false pretences. If you have made an error in discernment by allowing the wrong person to pray over you, take it to Confession to be absolved of any bondages this may have brought upon you.

It is important to note that the ultimate healing comes through true love of God and neighbour, as outlined in this book. As you come into a state of grace through obedience to Christ and his healing Sacraments, evil spirits will eventually have no place on your body, mind, soul and spirit.

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