Chapter 24: Be prepared for the Three Days of Darkness

Themes: end times, God's wrath, Illumination of Conscience, Second Coming, Three Days of Darkness
Charles Pritchard

The prophesied Three Days of Darkness are near. If we are in a state of grace and ready to meet our Saviour, we have nothing to fear, but those who are not will have to endure a horrific suffering, which is why we must pray intensely for the conversions of sinners. In addition, God is calling us to be prepared with blessed white candles and matches in our homes, holy water, crucifixes, rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Scapulars and holy oil (olive oil). All of these items must be blessed by a priest. We must have enough food in our homes to last for three days and we must not go outside our homes when the darkness comes. Innocent little children will not have to endure this suffering, as they will go into a heavenly sleep.

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