St Padre Pio prayer to stop a famine and the third world war

St Padre Pio

Time is going to be very peculiar. There is going to be famine upon this world. Many countries will suffer poverty worse than ever before. It’s time to recollect all the seeds in storage, like the barn keeps stores for the animals from summer to winter, their food, alimento [1]. It’s time to tell God’s children to make some savings of dried food for their time in need.

[Fernanda] My St Padre Pio, may I ask a question, something, if I don’t offend my St Padre Pio?

You may ask me as I am your spiritual director.

[Fernanda] Also here in South Africa? Must I tell Charles, your brother in Jesus Christ, to make provisions also? Or only for other countries? Thank you, my St Padre Pio.

Yes sister, daughter, humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, this country needs provisions. Oh, pray for the poor. The famine is going to be a misery. Many things will happen, but prayers can prevent many disasters, catastrophes. I will give you a prayer to pray for these difficult times. It’s said in this way, manner...

Our Lord Jesus of Nazareth, our Heavenly Father, Triune God, I, your child [2] _______, I am here humbly asking the intercession of St Padre Pio, to intercede, plead, to the beam of heaven for the manna of heaven to fall upon this world, to stop famine and hunger upon your children.

St Padre Pio, you fed the poor while you were on this earth. Help us, the poor children of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, to be spared from famine, hunger, destitution and the third world war.

St Padre Pio, intercede for us, hear our prayer.

Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary.

I, St Padre Pio, will take this prayer through my intercession to our Almighty Father.

My sister Fernanda, pray, make novenas. Do not neglect this prayer.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: food

[2] The original words were “your humble servant”.