Prayer for good government leaders and protection of a country

Father God

My humble servant, I, your Father, I see my children’s concern for this country South Africa. My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I have this prayer request for you to pray for good leaders, good shepherds to guide the flock, the sheep that are out of control, being scattered from my Son’s Church.

My Petal, the prayer request is prayed in this manner...

My Father God, my loving Jesus Christ, my Holy Spirit – the Triune God, the Three Persons in One Inseparable, my Triune God – you are the strongest prayer that heaven can send to earth. I, your child [1], I am humbly on my knees. I am here to intercede to my Triune God from earth to the beam of heaven. I ask you, my Jesus, my God the Father and my Holy Spirit to send to this, our country ...South Africa..., good leaders to lead this country in disarray, in chaos, to send your shepherds to guide the flock, the lost sheep who have been scattered away from my Jesus’ Church.

I ask St Michael, St Raphael and St Gabriel the archangels and the nine choirs of angels, all the saints of heaven, the forgotten saints, to help the leaders, the government of ...South Africa... to combat corruption, misleading leaders, to take away all unfaithful leaders and government ministers, to lead our country ...South Africa... into a better country with peace, love, unity and understanding between our government ministers, leaders, to combat all the evil greediness, ambitiousness, selfishness in government leaders. My Triune God, only heaven can help to solve this chaos and decay in this country, the world.

I ask you, my Holy Trinity, to combat the evil tricks of the adversary against this country. Mother Mary, I ask you to intercede at the foot of the cross of your Beloved Son for this petition, for our country ...South Africa... Mother Mary, you are the Queen, the patron saint of Africa. I humbly ask you to hear our prayer and with your Divine Mantle wrap all your children of ...South Africa... to protect them from any dangers, crimes, robberies, rape and abuse by their own families, parents, fathers, mothers. Protect them all, especially your little ones, the innocents. Guide your government leaders to a better understanding, with love, peace and harmony between all of them. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, three Hail Marys, one Glory Be, then say...

My Holy Trinity, hear our prayer. Send the right government to our country ...South Africa...

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, Queen of Africa, intercede to your Son Jesus for ...South Africa..., for a good government in ...South Africa... Amen.

Thank you, my humble servant for this act of love.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father. I love you.

My child, make copies, give this to my children to pray. This is a very powerful, strong prayer request for this country. You can also pray for other countries, other requests. The name of this prayer request is called “Prayer request for South Africa or other countries”.

My child, I, your Father, I see my people, they are getting worried, despondent about this country. My Petal, this entire world is in need of prayer, reparation, because there is no peace, only rivalry against one another. They just want status and power above each other. Oh, soon, my Son Jesus’ hand will come down because I, your Father God, I say to you, my Son’s Chastisement is coming soon. Oh, my people don’t see how this world is full of pain and destruction. The sins are out of control. My children are turning away from my Son’s call. He pleads from heaven for his children to listen, to repent.

My child, pray this prayer request for the miners in dispute, for the workers to go back to work. Include these intentions in the prayer.


[1] The original words were “humble servant of my Jesus Christ, chosen by my Jesus for the End of Times”.