Holy Spirit prayer for guidance and help on a mission

Holy Spirit

My little flower, my Rose, I am the Holy Spirit. I am here to say to you thank you for the love and understanding upon your loved one Maria. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit within your heart, your soul. I, the Holy Spirit, I am very joyous with your work done towards my children in my Son Jesus’ holy name. I, the Holy Spirit, came to talk, to speak to you as well, to say thank you for times that you prayed and invoked me, the Holy Spirit, upon my people.

I have this prayer request for you, my little flower, my Rose. I, the Holy Spirit, I am here to say this to you...

My Holy Spirit, my Breath of Life, I, your child [1], I am here to serve you, to listen to your call within me. Guide me, protect me, counsel me on my task, my mission ...for my Jesus’ Second Coming... Take me to where I am needed to help, to pray, ...to heal my brothers and sisters in my Jesus Christ’s holy name... My Holy Spirit, infill my heart, enkindle me with the fire of your love, with wisdom, knowledge, prophesy, vision, discernment of spirits, interpretation of tongues, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sweet Holy Spirit, I am here in prayer [for you] to help me to guide your children to come closer to my Jesus’ heart.

Holy Spirit, make me humble always. Don’t let me be arrogant or vain. I place myself completely in you. Keep me safe, be my shield in your Spirit. Help me to grow more in love towards your children. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, three Hail Marys, one Glory Be, then say...

My Holy Spirit, you are my light, my strength to guide me on my task. Amen.

I, the Holy Spirit, I say thank you, my little flower, my Rose, for praying, for saying “sua bênção [2]”, for kissing me as well, never forgetting about me with my Son Jesus and our Father God.

My little flower, my Rose, I say thank you for understanding about the Breath of Life, that I, the Holy Spirit, give to my children as they are conceived until their last breath on earth.


[1] The original words were “humble servant”.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: your blessing