There is so much sin in the world – it’s time for this world to repent and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness, or suffer the consequences

Themes: Confession and repentance, God's pains, Mother Mary's pains, salvation, sins of the world
Mother Mary

My daughter Fernanda, I, your Mother, I am here with you.

My child, I, your Mother, I am here to console your heart. You are suffering, but soon, my Son Jesus will alleviate your heart. My child, you need to pray, pray to help [alleviate] the pains in my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Yes, there is so much turmoil, chaos in this world. My child, soon my Son Jesus is going to let his hand come down. There is so much sin in this world. In many countries there is so much pain, atrocity. There is so much happening. My heart, my Immaculate Heart is crying. My tears are tears no more, only tears of blood. My Son Jesus bleeds profusely on the cross. My children don’t see it, but if my children lift their eyes during Mass or at other times, my Son Jesus bleeds, he thirsts for the salvation of each one of my children. Soon, my Son has to let go of his hand. Oh my little one, this world has to convert, has to come to repentance and ask my Son Jesus for forgiveness.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.