Be humble, pray without ceasing and help spread Jesus’ living words

18/10/2009 at 22h45
Themes: loving God
Jesus Christ

My child, my child, be with me. I will take care of you always. I will provide for your affairs. I will help you with your finances: it’s been taken care of. Yes, I want you to do my work. My living words have to be spread.

[Fernanda] How, my Lord, can I do your work? I want to be your apostle, your servant. Help me, teach me, my Lord, my Saviour. How do you want me to help you and pray to heal a bit of my Immaculate Mother’s pains, to ease her pains? I want to serve you, my Lord. Sort out my life. Guide me, my Holy Spirit. I belong to you, my Father, my Jesus.

I will provide for your daily life, my child of mine, my humble servant. I will teach you to serve me. I thank you for your will to serve me. I will provide for your sons’ futures. Trust me, trust your Lord, your Jesus.

I bless you my servant of mine. Thank you for your love, your kisses – it heals a lot of my wounds and my Beloved Mother’s.

[Fernanda] Lord Jesus, I need the money for the operation of my cataracts. I need to pay my credit card. I used it to pay the trip to Israel. I love, love, love, my Jesus. I love, love, my precious Mother. I thank you for everything, my Mother. I will try to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries in reparation for your painful heart. Guide me to help you.

I will see you in the shrine. I am waiting for you. I will give you strength to cope tomorrow. Help me, my child. I, your God and your God Almighty Father, [we are] taking care of you. The Holy Spirit will be with you always.

I give you my peace. I leave you in my peace. Pray, pray without ceasing. Your love for me and the praises and prayers give me so much joy.

My child, go on peace. Rest in my arms.