Fernanda’s prayer to Jesus Christ in Adoration at his Blessed Sacrament tabernacle

02/11/2009 at 02h15
Themes: Adoration, loving God
Fernanda de Sequeira

Jesus, is that you, my Lord, talking to me? My Saviour, I am at your service. It is from you, my Jesus? My Jesus, when do I start my work? I believe that you, my Saviour, are present here in the Most High tabernacle. I feel your presence, my Lord. I ask forgiveness for the ones who don’t believe in your great love for us. Your love for all of us is endless. My Jesus, my Saviour, my source of life, inflame the nonbelievers with your infinite love. Guide me, take me to your fields of the lukewarm souls. Show me the way to take these souls into your heart, your divine love. I praise your name, I adore my Lord, my God, my unique love. Cover me and my family with your Precious Blood, your mantle, and all the angels as well. Thank you, thank you, my Father, my Jesus, my Mother, my Holy Spirit for your unconditional love for us. I, your servant daughter Fernanda, accept any work, my mission that I have to do for my Lord. Take my hand and guide me. Jesus, I ask you to bless me and my loved ones and to keep me safe and all your children. I am going home now to rest in your arms till the morning. Sorry, Jesus, I have to leave you now as it’s 02h40. Can I close the curtains [1] with your permission, my precious Jesus? Good night, my dear Mother, come with me.


[1] of the Blessed Sacrament tabernacle