Giving your will to Jesus gives him much joy and pleasure

09/11/2009 at 02h42
Themes: loving God, prophecy
Jesus Christ

I, your God, your Lord, come to you at this moment to embrace you for your time. I will give you your task very soon. Your affairs have been taken care of. Your life is in my hands. Your will to work for me gives me so much joy and pleasure. Soon you will be given the work, the seeds to plant.

[Fernanda] I am all yours, Jesus. Any time, Jesus. I can’t do it alone, Lord – I have no experience – only by you teaching me and guiding me. I need my eyes to be cured, to be operated on. For you, Lord, nothing is impossible with the work of your hands. Oh Jesus, I love you so much. Your immensity of love deepens my heart. I crave your love, your peace. It’s so great to be loved by my precious Jesus. Our dear querida [1] Mother, she is so beautiful, so loving. Her love endures, penetrates my soul, my heart. My Jesus, my Jesus, I belong to you. Don’t hesitate, I will do it. I am prepared for you. Good night, my love, Jesus, my source of my life. My Holy Spirit, my Breath of Life, come, take control of me.

Go, my child, my little one. Rest now, rest in my heart. My peace to you, my blessing to you.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, you can wake me up to talk to me when your heart desires. My Lord Jesus, your wounds penetrate my heart.

My daughter, thank you for your loving kisses.

[Fernanda] My heart desires so much for my loving Lord Jesus to be with ...private message removed... Thank you, Lord Jesus.

I told you before, it’s been taken care of. I will provide always for your loved ones – they are mine too. You will be in peace of mind. They are all my disciples, my children. Rest now, my child, you need to rest. My peace I give you. Your precious Jesus blesses you always.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: dear