The more you love Jesus and his Blessed Mother, the more special graces you receive

09/11/2009 at 01h34
Themes: God's love and mercy, heaven, loving God, salvation
Jesus Christ

My special daughter of mine, now you are all mine. I will take your hand, guide you. I need your service for my work. I want you to do my work. Give yourself completely to me. My harvest needs to grow. I need your help. My daughter, my little one, my humble one, your will gives me great pleasure, joy in my heart. My Beloved Mother, she waits for your prayers, your sacrifices. Come to me, don’t hesitate. Give me all your heart, completely to me. I love you. You are going to give me great joy. Do not be afraid. I will stand by your side. My Beloved Mother, she will cover you with her Divine Blue Mantle, she will protect you and your loved ones. No danger will occur to you all. My word never fails. My cute, special one, my heart bleeds for souls. Help me to save them. My living Word has to be known, expanded, expanded.

[Fernanda] Oh my Lord, my Saviour, take, I allow you to use me, my mouth, my hands, My body that you created belongs to my Almighty God. Nothing belongs to me. I beg my God, my Jesus. I am ready for your fields. Where do I go from here? Jesus, Lord, I need to be home to have time for you and my dearest Mother. Lead me, Jesus. Open my eyes, my mind, my ears, my spirit that your Almighty Father God gave to me. Oh my Jesus, I love you, my dearest, loving spouse. Thy will be done unto me. Thank you, Lord, for your immensity of love.

I, your God, your Lord, Almighty Father, your spouse, thank you for your time given to me – it delights me – your patience, your humbleness. You are tired, but never neglect me.

My precious Mother thanks you for that. She and I will always give you special graces for this love of my Beloved Mother and your loving God.

I bless you and your loved ones and take care of them. Trust me, my child, my little one with a big, huge heart. Go in my peace. Rest in my loving arms. My angels are singing alleluia and praising. They are all around you, their wings are covering you and they are dancing with you with so much joy and thanking you for all the love given to me. I bless you. I will give you special strength in the morning, all day long. You deserve my love always.

Your Eternal God, the Saviour who died for you all, my peace I give you.

[Fernanda] Oh my dear Lord, thank you for loving me. I adore you. I praise your name above all names. You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. I ask forgiveness for the ones who don’t love you, who don’t adore you or praise you. All the glory be yours forever more. Your daughter Fernanda. Thank you, my special love of my life.