Don’t be afraid to give your will completely to Jesus – he will take care of your daily trials and your loved ones in his time

18/11/2009 at 23h35
Themes: families, loving God, praying
Jesus Christ

My child, my little one, come to me. Don’t be afraid. Give me your will completely, to your Jesus, your Lord, your Master.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, my Jesus, I love you. I don’t want to be separated from you ever again.

Come, take my hand, follow me, my little one, my humble servant. I am preparing your time to be with me for your task. I am so pleased with [you giving] your will to me. You give me great joy. My Beloved Mother is weeping tears of joy for your great love, the gift of yourself to me and my dear Mother.

My granny [1], avó [2], she is so proud of her granddaughter, neta [3]. I thank you for your kindness of your words to remember her as your precious, devoted granny and the prayers towards her and St Joseph. My earthly Father is thrilled with you thinking of him. They say, “Thank you, thank you for your immensity of love for us. We will help you with your work that has been given to you.”

[Fernanda] My Lord, my Saviour, I praise you always.

I bless you, my daughter of mine. Go in my peace, the peace of your Lord. Your task will be given soon. Wait for my time. I will take care of your affairs, your finances. I will provide at the right time –everything in my own time. Your loved ones are under my protection. I will prepare them for your mission.

[Fernanda] My Lord, my heart burns like fire for you. Good night to my Almighty Father. I ask him for a blessing, and I ask my Beloved Mother. I ask for a blessing upon all your children, the sinners, the dying. My Jesus, the source of my life, I ask to give your blessing. In the name of my Jesus, I give all my worries, my troubles, my finances [to you] to solve them – they are all yours not mine. Thank you, my beloved, precious love of my life. Thank you for allowing me to be so close to you and our dear Mother. What a great privilege to be all yours – your daughter Fernanda.


[1] Referring to St Anne, Blessed Mother Mary’s mother.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: grandmother

[3] Portuguese to English translation: granddaughter