Fernanda is Jesus’ bride, his messenger – prayer groups need to know about these messages as there is not much time left

23/11/2009 at 23h00
Themes: God's pains, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, prophecy
Father God, Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Stand up, my child.

[Fernanda] Oh my Lord, I am all yours, at your service, my Lord, my God, my Saviour. You are everything in my life. You are the most important person in my life. I give my will to you, Jesus.

You see, my child, I am here with you. You feel my presence. I see you, through your heart. Believe in me, in my presence. Thank you, my precious child of mine. I embrace you close to my heart. Oh, those kisses in my heart, my painful heart, alleviate my pains. My humble one, do not fear. I only want you to feel my love. Your patience exalts me, your obedience exalts me.

[Fernanda] My Lord, sorry, I ask you again: how long must I wait to do my work? I am your servant, Lord.

My Beloved Mother, she is so thrilled with you. She is so pleased. She is counting on you to help me. Keep praying for repentance [of my children], for everything that I ask you. Carry on, this is only the beginning of your mission. You’re going to be very busy, very occupied, only for me, for my task. My dear small child, your time is going to be just for me – my fields are getting dry.

[Fernanda] My Lord Jesus, will I have money to pay all my accounts and what I need for tomorrow?

My humble child, you look so tired, but you still have time for me. I appreciate it, your effort. Our conversation pleases me so much. It eases my pains that I went through today. Do you know what relief you give me at this moment? Be with me always, and my Mother. The messages have to be proclaimed in my name. Get prepared. Very soon you will be...

[Fernanda] Sorry Jesus, I am going to sing now: I love, I love my Jesus... Lord Jesus, sorry, I ask again for you to provide for my accounts tomorrow. I only got R30,00 and I want to buy my grandson a present, I want to buy him St Michael [the Archangel]. You know, my Lord, what I need. Thank you. Bless my granddaughter, my grandson, the youth, the sinners, all the dying.

Do not worry. We know your needs. You will be in my peace doing my work. Look at my harvest: my fields are getting dry. Rest assured in my providence for you. I have been waiting, preparing you all these years for me. Yes, you are going to feel some of my pains. My holy wounds wait for your love. You are going to feel a bit of my passion. My child, you are pleased, with your love, to ease my suffering, my pain. Go, my child, my words never fail. Very soon all your worries will be over. Your problems, your finances belong to me. Your mission is the greatest thing for you. Your time spent there is all that counts. There is not much time, time is running out – I am telling you again. Thank you for being obedient, my child. Thank you for your praises and love to me.

My Mother says that your pain is going to alleviate her Immaculate Heart, but my precious child, I will make you meek and humble as you wish, for my sake. My Beloved Father is watching and listening to everything, thanking you. Your Father in heaven is rejoicing for your will given to his Beloved Son who shed his blood for you all. Don’t stop, don’t stop. The road is long. You will have enough to live, a house for us. Your family is taken care of. Your loved ones, they will be blessed abundantly.

My child, my cute one, go in my peace. My Mother’s heart cuddles you unto her. The big walks are tiring. You are tired, my daughter. I am your living spouse. Yes, I am taking care of you, my “bride” of mine. Rest, rest. My angels, they are waiting for you to sing to them. Good night, my child.

Father God

I, your God, your God the Creator of heaven and earth, who loves the whole world unconditionally, I bless you and your loved ones, the world, the sinners, the youth, my beloved priests, my aborted children – my precious babies who are dumped anywhere, whom I created with love in my image, they are so special.

Jesus Christ

My child, my child, keep praying. The prayer groups need to know my messages to the world. There is not much time left. I will let you know when the time comes.

Rest in my heart now, my little one.

[Fernanda] I love my Jesus. Thank you for all your love to me.