These conversations with God are like school lessons for Fernanda to teach his children about his love, his way, his sufferings

27/02/2010 at 22h40
Themes: families, God's love and mercy, God's pains, loving God
Jesus Christ

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I am here for my Jesus. Sorry, there were a lot of interruptions. Lord Jesus, I was busy trying to see if I could get some people to go to Turkey, but most of the people are going away, overseas to Madeira or somewhere. Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for everything given to me.

My child, I am pleased with you here next to me. Do you know, my child, how long I have been waiting here for you? I miss you, my child of mine. Do not worry about the tour. I told you, you and your sister are going to get 20 people, as I told you before.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I love you.

Have a bit of patience. Let my children have time to decide. They will start phoning.

Now, my daughter, just concentrate on your Jesus. Fix your eyes on me. I am waiting to give you my love. Just relax, my child.

[Fernanda] Oh my Jesus, thank you, thank you, my Jesus, for your love towards me.

My child, thank you for fixing your eyes upon me.

[Fernanda] My Lord, your holy Sacred Face [1] changes, your sacred lips, your mouth, your skin colour. Lord Jesus, your right side of your Sacred Face looks like blood. Your precious hair on the side also looks like blood, or am I just imagining?

My daughter, you are right. I showed you my Precious Blood on the side of my Sacred Face. It represents the hurts given to me. My face bleeds because of my children. My hair represents my blood coming out of my precious head because of sins committed, the impurities coming from my children who think with dirty minds.

[Fernanda] Jesus, it looks like my Jesus’ mouth, lips are open, moving. It is that way? I am not dreaming, imagining things? Did I really see my Jesus that way?

Oh my Precious daughter, yes, I presented myself to you in that form. Yes, it was my flesh moving for you. You even saw my palpitations moving in my throat. I allowed you to see me this way. My precious child, I love you too. Thank you for the many times that you say to me how much you love me. My child, look at me again.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, my head, the left [side] is itching, my eyes are itching, my nose as well.

It was me showing you, touching you. I want you to feel my presence on your whole body as well. It’s okay, my angels were playing with you – their wings were rubbing your face. Feel them. My angels, they are missing your singing to them. They are waiting.

[Fernanda] I will sing to them now.

Did you see how my children have pierced my heart? You are looking at the thorns in my heart.

[Fernanda] Sorry, my Jesus, for all the sinners who commit this atrocity upon my Lord.

Look at my Mother, it’s not a lesser pain. She wants to thank you for your kisses, the caressing, the praying without ceasing in your heart for her and me.

My child, soon you are going to be relieved of your tiredness, your lack of sleep. You will have more time to rest and sleep.

My child, keep looking at me. My child, your smile given to me and my Mother...

[Fernanda went to sing to Jesus, the angels, Father God and Mother Mary.]

My child, my little one with a huge heart, with love for me and my Mother, the singing was beautiful. Thank you, my precious daughter. Thank you for your time with me. I know you are getting tired. The pressure on your head because of your lack of sleep...

I want to bless you now and your loved ones.

My child, I want to say to you that our son John Paul, the offer that he made has been accepted. You can tell him that I was there, my hand was there. I told you, my child, your loved ones are in my care. They are my children: I just lent them to you for a while. Know that, my child.

[Fernanda] Jesus, thank you for letting me know about that, for teaching that as well.

So, remember that everything you care about, I also care about. I created them. I gave them to you to look after them while you are on this earth. My child, I want you to know this because you are my daughter. I have to explain a lot of things. You are going to learn a lot during your mission, then you are doing to teach my children. It’s like you’re starting in school.

Oh my little lamb, my humble servant Fernanda, your will to listen to me is my hope. I desire to let my children know that sometimes, they are so ignorant about my love, my creation, my suffering, what I offer to my children. I know, my child, you do know a lot of my teachings, my lessons.

About the tour to Turkey, it’s in my hands, in my control. I will provide, I will send my children to fill the gap that’s empty, so my little one, rest in my peace. My peace I give you.

This is your Jesus, your Lord, having this conversation with you, my humble servant Fernanda.

I bless you and your loved ones – your Jesus.

[Fernanda] Thank you, thank you, thank you, my Lord of my Lords.


[Fernanda] Lord Jesus, I am your servant. I am here. Please, Jesus, call me if my Jesus has something more to say to me or if my Jesus requires or desires to talk to me. I am here, Jesus.


[1] Fernanda is referring to an image of Jesus’ holy Sacred Face that is in her room.