Words cannot explain the pains that this sinful world inflict on Jesus and Mary’s hearts – these messages will be proclaimed worldwide

03/02/2010 at 23h55
Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, God's pains, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, prophecy, sins of the world
Jesus Christ

My child, start writing. My child, thank you for being here now. I was waiting. Thank you for fixing your eyes upon me. Look into my eyes now [1]. What can you see, my daughter?

[Fernanda] I see sadness, it looks like tears? Jesus, I see tears coming from Jesus’ eyes.

Do not be afraid, my daughter, it’s me, your Lord. Thank you, my child, for fixing your eyes upon me. Yes, my child, my eyes are very sad today and my tears are all because of children not listening to my call, to my messages. They ignore my messages. I just wanted to show you, my daughter, how distressing it is for me, how pained my heart is. I have been to a lot of places today to no avail. They only give me thorns instead of love. I need your smile today, to convey to my heart, to infuse your love to me. Yes, my daughter, I need some love and kisses in my heart.

[Fernanda went and sang to Jesus and asked the angels to sing with her. She sang O Amjos Cantam Comigo, which translates to Oh Angels, Sing with Me.]

Thank you, Andorinha [2]. That was so loving, beautiful. Do you know how many angels there were? It was a choir of angels, seraphim and cherubim. They say thank you for inviting them to sing to me. They are in ecstasy. That’s what they like, they love to praise me all day.

My child, it seems my child knows a lot. The Holy Spirit guides you just to please me after a day of atrocity.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, can I ask my Jesus, if I am allowed to ask, my Lord, which country in the world was it that hurt you the most? Sorry, my Jesus, for this question.

My child, the country that hurts me the most!

[Fernanda] Jesus, maybe I am not supposed to know these things yet. Sorry, my Jesus.

I will tell you, it’s the one... I will give you an initial... but if we have to measure the whole world, they are all the same, [it’s the same] sinners that I find in all the world – the atrocities, killings, crimes, sexual impurities of the body, all kinds of sin. Very soon, I will discuss with you, my daughter, about these things, then I will send you to these places to proclaim my messages, my living words. You will be sent by your Jesus, your God.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, today my dear Mother also looks very sad.

Yes, my child, my Mother, she doesn’t have the heart to explain to you how she feels. Talking to her children all day long, it was like bumping into a wall. She is here tonight, like me, waiting for our conversation. She knew all day what your heart was thinking, wanting to go and tell prayer groups. She understands what you are going through at work, but she knows it’s part of my plans. She was saying to me, “Soon it’s time for our child to come out of this work tiredness, to have time for us, but my Son knows exactly when.” My child, my Beloved Mother, she is the one who always comes and asks me, “Is it the right time, my Son?” She is always concerned about our children, especially the ones close to our hearts.

My child, I know you want to know about the tour, yes, I am preparing for that date. I have my reasons. I told you that nothing passes without my knowledge, my consent. Everything happens in my own time. I will relieve you until everything is sorted out for you. My child, I told you there are going to be people. I am preparing that. It’s under my control because you have to be on that tour, according to my will, my plan. I am your Lord, your God, who is doing all sorts of things to fall [into place] like a puzzle, for my special children. You are not completely ready for everything – I know that you understand what I am talking about, I mean about you, my child – that’s my concern, my last preparation for my daughter.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus, I am going to rest now. Please Jesus, help me in the morning to wake up and not feel too tried. Only by your grace, my Jesus.

I bless you, my child, and your loved ones and all my children, especially the ones astray from the Church, from my love – your Jesus.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I love you, my Lord – your daughter Fernanda.



[1] Referring to a blessed image of Jesus’ Sacred Face.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow