A marriage at Jesus’ altar is bound for all eternity, which means that spouses from first and valid second marriages stay united in heaven

06/12/2011 at 23h10
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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Holy Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother.

We are all here in unison of voice to say thank you for tonight, for sharing with my children the message given to you. My child Fernanda, do not fear to open your mouth, your heart, about us, me, your Jesus. You have a rare gift given to you. Share our messages, do not worry about persecutions because it’s all about me, your Jesus. Oh, if some of my children had these gifts, they would be talking so much about them, saying “I, I, I have this message, this gift.” I know, I understand that you are afraid to open your heart because you are humble and some of my children don’t see your gift that way. Oh, I see, they sometimes ignore you, but part of that, the envy and jealousy, is not from me, your Jesus. But I will soon come with you, with my sign paced upon you. They will see you are my servant, chosen by me, your Jesus for my Second Coming.

My daughter, tonight was very pleasant to see how my children were asking questions about marriages, annulled marriages. Oh, you spoke well about my Father’s messages given to you.

My child, my Father, he is here to conclude this dialogue about broken marriages.

Father God

My Petal Fernanda, I am your Father God, sitting with you. Oh, last night you were very tired. I missed our conversation.

My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I was present, so was the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother, listening to my children wanting to know more about marriages. I heard my son Pierre talk about marriage, how Mother Mary’s pains are about broken marriages. Then you also intervened to relay my message given to you by me, your Father God. I am here now to concretise the conversation about this.

Oh, about annulled marriages, this is a very prominent question. I, your Father, I am going to specify to you: when my children come to my Son in marriage, in front of the altar, my children only see my son priest, but my Son Jesus stands at the altar to listen to their marriage vows. I, their Father God and the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, we are at the side of the altar, and Blessed Mother Mary is next to her Son Jesus Christ. My Son Jesus hears every word said, pronounced by my son priest in my Son Jesus’ holy name. My Son unites the two of them in his love for all eternity. Those vows can never ever be broken until death parts them, as my son priest pronounces with the Sign of the Cross and my son [priest’s] blessing on the wedding bands, rings – that blessing is for eternity.

In the case of broken marriages, some of them come to reconstruct another marriage. Oh, they come to my son the head of the Church, the pope, to annul their marriage and then they form another family. Oh, my children want to know if the annulment is valid. My humble servant, I am going to explain it to you again, because there are some cases of adultery or other valid reasons, which heaven sees. We see everything, we know the whole reason. My child, that marriage is annulled because of some serious reasons, but that bond that my Son tied the first time will never be broken until one of them parts to eternal life. Yes, my Son Jesus, he has a merciful, kind heart. He allows another blessing upon them to be united in love, his love. In my Son’s eyes, in his holy name, he again bonds this marriage, but one day when all of them come to eternity, that bond that my Son Jesus united, the first and the second time, will stay united in heaven, because when my children come to eternal life, the love is different from earthly love, because here there is only peace, no envy, jealousy or hatred.

My daughter this part now that I, your Father God, am going to confide to you: my Petal, the reality of this union: it’s the first that’s valid, but because my Son understands the consequences of humankind, infidelity or a very serious reason for an annulment, his merciful heart blesses the second marriage in his holy name.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Father, thank you for teaching me all this. My Father, can I please ask something to my Father, but I don’t want to offend my Father or hurt with this question? Thank you, my loving Father. I love you.

You may ask me – you are my Son’s chosen one for his Second Coming.

[Fernanda] My dear Father, your children asked me about a widow and a widower getting married again, or for instance, if a marriage is annulled marriage and they get married again, when all of them come to eternal life, which husband stays with which wife? Both of them are widows. Which wife or husband stays with whom? They stay united again in heaven? I am sorry, my Father, but my sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ, they are asking me these questions. Thank you, my loving Father.

My Andorinha [1], you are a true warrior for my Second Coming. Yes, many of my people will ask you many intriguing questions. Do not worry, the Holy Spirit within you will answer them.

My child Fernanda, about coming to eternity, regarding which wife or husband to stay with, they will be reunited again in heaven for eternity. Oh my little one, here it’s very pleasant, placid, free from jealousy, anger and hatred. My child, my children, my people, they will encounter their loved spouses together, the first and the second marriage spouse, in a bond again. Remember, that bond in heaven from their marriage vows at my Son’s altar was never broken. They will be united again forever, for all eternity. Remember, here, the four of them, they will [be] seen, stay together, as one as they were in marriage on earth. Here it’s not other love like the bodily attraction on earth, only the heavenly soul and spirit, so there’s no conflict or other kind of attraction – only pure, sincere, honest, simple, humble, spiritual love, that’s why the bond of their marriage vows on earth in heaven can’t be broken, like a ring, round and round with no end.

Thank you, my humble servant. Write this message properly to be relayed to my people.

I know that there are many of my people that my Son Jesus united at the altar – when their marriages are broken, they have so much hatred, unforgiveness and foul language against each other, saying that they never want to see her or him again. Oh, they are so wrong because what my Son united at his altar in his love, the blessing, no man can break, as my son priest pronounces at that moment – those are my Son Jesus Christ’s solemn holy words.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father God. I am not worthy of this special gift of conversing with my dear Father. I thank you. Thank you for this special gift that your Son Jesus has given, bestowed upon me, this humble servant of my Jesus.

My little one, my Son Jesus chose you for his Second Coming. You have to have love, knowledge and wisdom to answer some of my people’s questions. Oh, your task to serve my Son is not an easy one, but the Holy Trinity whom you love and respect so much, will infill you with wisdom to answer some intriguing, indignant, malicious questions, and Blessed Mother Mary has been chosen by my Son Jesus to help you, to counsel you, to guide in your mission. Pray the prayers entrusted to you for your mission, for your protection, especially the one for Mother Mary to be your teacher. You are her pupil, she will guide you.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Father. I love you.

Jesus Christ

Dear Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My Andorinha, I, your Mother Mary, I am here to converse with you.

My Petal, thank you for asking our God the Father all of these questions. My daughter, what a privilege to converse with the Creator of the whole world. Our Father God loves you very much because your love, your will, is dedicated to his Son, my Jesus. Our Father God loves all his people with so much love, but when my children love my Son, his Son, he adores his Son so profoundly, that he never rejects anything asked from him.

My child, your knowledge about all of this, which my children don’t see, is far beyond their understanding. I thank you for loving my Son so dearly. My Petal, do not worry about your financial situation or your son Frank’s. My Son’s time, heavenly time, to offer what has been promised, is here, the time is right, is appropriated. I know our son Frank’s heart about his old car. Your sighs as well. Remember that I am a Mother too. I know all your pain. Our son Frank has also come to his last purification. Be in peace with that.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, your daughters Sue, Alice, Cheryl, Maddie are supposed to go for a breakfast tomorrow morning at 9:30am, but I am in two minds because I don’t want to spend money. I also have work to do for my Jesus. I have R500 now that our son John has given me. I don’t have other money for this month of Christmas. I can’t keep asking our son John Paul, he gave me R600 from his good heart and I used some already. I have to watch how I spend. I would like to see my godchild Catia, but I can’t because of spending money. Mamã [2], my Mommy, must I stay or go to breakfast? Sorry for all this complaining, but my dear Mother, I can’t tell this to anyone – only my Holy Trinity and my Mamã, Mãe [3], know about my battles, struggles. I love you, Mãe querida [4].

Thank you, my dear one. I know all about your pains. I will tell you in your heart this morning what to do. I want you to rest in my peace, love.

I bless you abundantly. I will intercede for you and our sons to my Son Jesus. Soon, our son Frank will succeed in his future to help you financially as well.

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Mãe, Mamã, Mommy. I love you.

Father God

I, your Father, the Holy Spirit, I bless you abundantly. I give my peace to you, your loved ones and upon this entire world.

Jesus Christ

I, your Jesus of Nazareth, I bless you, our sons and our loved ones. My peace, my love, be placed upon you all and all my children.

[Fernanda] ♥♥♥♥♥ Angels, saints, I love you all. Sua bênção [5], my Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother. Beijinhos [6], beijinhos my Holy Trinity and my dear Mother Mary xxx.

Beijinhos to our Petal too xxx.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Mommy

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Mother

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Mother dear

[5] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[6] Portuguese to English translation: Kisses