The Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary get very happy when you talk about Jesus and share his love with others

05/02/2010 at 01h15
Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, loving God
Jesus Christ

[Fernanda] Hello, my precious Jesus. I am sorry that I am late today, but I will stay with my Jesus. I will sit here to keep you and my Mother company.

My precious little daughter, thank you for making the time to sit with me. Oh, today it was marvellous, wonderful to be with all my children. I was in awe of joy there with these children who [bring comfort to] my heart and my Beloved Mother’s, easing our pains, our sorrowful pains. I thank you all, my children. I will bless you and your loved ones. I will shower you with my graces.

My daughter, my daughter, I want to thank you. Today you were obedient to me, to the Holy Spirit, for relaying my messages. I was there. My Mother, my Father, the Holy Spirit, we all were very happy, very delighted by the way you spoke about your Jesus. My child, you were my real messenger. It’s only the beginning of your mission. See, it wasn’t so difficult, your first day at school? Your teacher, he was kind, not rough? You will do it next time?

[Fernanda] Yes, my Jesus, any time for my Jesus. Today, if they allowed me, I would have carried on and on. Thank you, my Jesus, for giving me these gifts and for teaching and helping me with this. My Jesus, and my Mother, was she happy with my first homework?

Oh my child, my Mother was very pleased with her daughter, the humble servant of mine. She says thank you. I will bless you, my Andorinha [1]. You were very brave, bold. Thank you for going. You were very tired, but still went there with my children. Thank you for all this sacrifice given to me. I will help you with everything. When I say everything, [I mean] it’s going to be done according to my holy will and you deserve all that’s coming your way. My daughter, fix your eyes upon me, I need you.

My child, I want you [to spend] more time with me, but I can see your [eyes] are already closing. I will let you rest for a while, then I will call you soon. I will wake you up to talk to me.

I bless you, my Fernanda. Be blessed. You are my source of happiness in my heart.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I don’t want to go, but I have to go and rest.

You have to go to work. I have to help you with this, very soon. It’s getting too heavy for you, not having enough sleep, rest.

[Fernanda] I love you, my Jesus, my Mother, my Holy Spirit, my Father. I ask mercy for all the sinners all over the world and my loved ones, for mercy, compassion, love and understanding amongst all my family – your daughter Fernanda who loves you very much.



[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow