Jesus thirsts for our salvation and pours out his love for us, yet this sinful, impure, chaotic world continues to inflict much pain on him

01/03/2010 at 20h20
Themes: God's love and mercy, God's pains, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, prophecy, sins of the world
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda] Good evening, my Jesus. Thank you for the beautiful, peaceful day, for everything, my Jesus.

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter, for your prayer without ceasing today.

[Fernanda writes] I was fixing my eyes on Jesus’ Sacred Face for quite a while. Jesus’ Sacred Face changed – his sacred mouth, all around, was full of blood again, with water and blood coming out of Jesus’ sacred mouth, his lips.

[Fernanda] Jesus, please can my Jesus tell me if I am imagining?

My daughter, thank you for fixing your eyes on me, your Lord. My Petal, it’s me, alive for you. I am talking to you. You are paying attention to my sacred mouth. My child, everything that you see, is me, real, just for you.

I see everything, your position: you are not sitting comfortably. Your back gets sore, but you do not complain. My child, soon everything is going to change. You can’t write our messages, our conversations, you need to be seated properly for our conversations. My child, soon our new home chosen by my Mother for us will be like heaven. I want you to see my Blessed Mother, she is perfect, especially for her children like you. You wonder where you are going to get the money for it. My child, everything from now on, my Mother and I, we, are taking care of your, our, affairs. My child, you are going to like it. Then at last we are going to have a table and chair. My child, I can’t wait to see your whole face, the surprise, the joy, happiness, you are going to have.

My child, my blood and water coming out of my mouth, my lips – it’s my present to you. I want you, my child, to fix your eyes upon me, it gives me so much pleasure, so much joy. You’re thinking again, “But why the blood and water?” My child, I thirst for the salvation of the world. I pour out my love to my children. My child, you are not sure if my eyes blinked at you or not. I did that for you. You must be alert, concentrate on me. It gives me such great pleasure to watch your face with so much love towards me. Thank you, my daughter, my humble servant.

Today your heart was heavy, watching on the TV those 5,000 naked children of mine [1]. Your heart was sore for me, your Jesus. My daughter, you felt my pain. You knew that my Beloved Mother and I were very sad. My child, you were very right about it. You felt the world in chaos, disaster, turmoil because of these sins, these impurities. My child, I have been telling you a lot of the time that the impurities of the world hurt me very much. Thank you, my child, for that prayer. Even now your heart is still troubled because of that.

My child, your heart desires to know if my Beloved Mother is also here. My child, my precious Mother, she is wherever I am. She is always with me, her Son.

My daughter, my precious Mother, she wants to relay something to you. She is waiting for her chance to speak to you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, my child, I am here, your Mother, the Mother of your Jesus. I want to thank you as well for the love, the sorrow that you shared with my Son and I. You understand very well those things hurt us very much. Thank you for sharing our pain.

My daughter, I know you have been thinking that you don’t want to ask the question about what I told you about yesterday, my promise to you. My precious little daughter, what I promised is yours. I never go back on my word. The universe owes it to you. I have been waiting to give it to you. Remember the first time, my Son woke you up and said, “My Mother has something very special to give [you], she will reveal it to you.” My child, relax, one day it’s yours, in your hands. My child, the joy, the tears of joy and happiness are worth seeing. My daughter, my Son and I, we want to see our humble servant dancing, singing and jumping, you name it, with the present in your hands, my daughter, because you are needed in this world of atrocity.

My little one, where’s my massages, the caressing of my hair?

My child, you are exhausted. My child, I leave you now in the arms of my Beloved Son.

My child, I bless you and your loved ones. Thank you for responding to my call.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Beloved Mother for the grace that my dear Mother has given me, the privilege to speak to me. Mother Mary, I love you very much.

Jesus Christ

My child, this is your Jesus. Thank you for loving my Blessed Mother and I with so much compassion in your heart and soul towards us.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, can I ask Jesus again... sorry for asking the same question: it’s to go to Ngome on the 26th, 27th, 28th with the youth and Celeste’s group. My Jesus, I didn’t ask ________ my boss if I can go, but I am afraid to ask him. It’s at the end of March. I know he’s going to get upset. My Jesus, you are my Spouse, I am your bride, what must I do, my Jesus?

Oh my child, do not fear any more about that. As I told you recently, by that time you will be free to go without need any permission from him. I am your Lord, your Jesus, I am the one you obey. Didn’t I say to you that your time now is finished in that place? You are not going to be there by that time. When your present from my Blessed Mother is in your hands, you will be free to go there. My child, the reason, I repeat again, I want you to go and sleep in my peace. I don’t want my child disturbed.

My daughter, I give you my peace. Rest in my arms. I bless you, your loved ones and your family and the whole world.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my precious loving God, my Jesus. I love you xxxx.

My child, I need the camera. You must bring it, it’s needed here – your Jesus of Nazareth.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, my Mother Mary. I thank you for everything.


[1] Referring to thousands of people that stripped naked at the Sydney Opera House in Australia for a public display.