Jesus needs workers in his harvest – going through difficult times are often a purification for our souls to help others in similar situations

05/03/2011 at 00h05
Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, loving God, loving others, trials and tribulations
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda] My Jesus, thank you. I love you.

[Fernanda writes] My Lord showed me his whole Sacred Face. It is changing and there is still blood and water coming out of his holy lips. His eyes are too beautiful to describe!

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus.

Jesus Christ

Oh my child, thank you very much for today, for sitting with me and for fixing your eyes upon me, your Jesus [1] – it’s my perfect desire, penetrating my heart with so much love [given] unto me. Thank you, my little one, my gogga [2].

My child, today at my Divine Mercy [group], the praises, singing, the Holy Mass and the meeting were all about my Mother and me. I thank all my special children for their patience, sitting there till late. I thank my children for all the time consumed for me. It’s children like these that bring balm to my heart and my Mother’s, diluting the pain after an unfruitful day, full of aches, pains and heartbreaking atrocities.

My child, it’s late today and you are already falling asleep. My child, today you are very sad because of ________.

...private message removed...

My child, I don’t want you to cry anymore. My precious little one, ________ is my son. I am taking care of him, of everything. I don’t want to see you crying this way. You have cried enough all your life. My child, I want you to be happy for you to do my work.

My daughter, my son ________, he is in the palm of my hands. Nothing bad is going to happen to him from now on. I told you, my child, my son ________’s future is going to be brilliant, bright. No more those these troubles – all those painful years. It’s about time for him to rise with success, business, finances, health. My daughter, I said to you, the universe owes him. No more failures in his life, the road is going to be smoother now, my child, in a way for you to work for your Jesus. I said to you, you are going to be in peace of mind. I don’t want to see you worried like today. My child, I know you are also worried about your finances, your future, not being happy because you are getting up early to work. All this affects your wellbeing. My child, I don’t want these attacks on you. I want my daughter to be happy, joyous as usual. My humble servant Fernanda, my little one, everything will come now for my son ________. My daughter, why don’t you trust your Jesus, your God, about your mission, your task given to you? My daughter, I, your Jesus of Nazareth, want you to be happy for me, for my Mother. I told you, in March you are going to be out of that place. I know what you are thinking: if you had money, you would be home. I know my child. You are going to have a pack-load of work for me, your Jesus. I, your Jesus, asked you to help me. Remember, I need your help to save my children.

My child, smile now at your Jesus. Thank you, my daughter, for the kisses and smile – that’s my Andorinha [3].

My child, I also want to say thank you for making my daughter [Cheryl] and my daughters Alice and Sue, for making them happy with your laughter, the gift of joy that I have given you. My daughter Cheryl was hurt and you soothed her heart with your laughter – the joyous Fernanda, my humble servant, my peacemaker. My child, thank you for understanding my other children, for making them understand [that] they’re also going through difficult times. Sometimes their hearts are also troubled. Because you went on the same road, rough road, you empathise with their pains. My child, this is a gift that I gave you, a gift of love, understanding, not criticising your brothers [and sisters] in me, your Christ.

I love you too, my child. My daughter, how do you feel now? Lighter? Your heart smiles for me now. My child, I repeat again, I assure you that sooner than you think, you are going to feel on top of the world with me, your Jesus, and my Mother. My child, do you believe in your Jesus, your Saviour, your Spouse? Do you believe that I am preparing everything for your task, my warrior? Remember, you have given your will to me. My child, I want you and your loved ones to go and sleep in my peace, in my love.

My daughter, my precious Mother, she is also here. She has been all quiet, listening to our conversation.

Mother Mary

My daughter, my Son has been telling you all about ________. My daughter, I am your Mother, the Mother of your Beloved Jesus. Your love for my Son is incredible.

My daughter, I don’t want you to be disappointed about our secret. I said that I will reveal it to you. My daughter, Andorinha of my Son, I never go back on my word. I can’t tell you the precise time, but you know, you feel it’s here now. Yes, I want you free from that work. You are exhausted. My child, do you think that I want our daughter to be tired – over tired – to do my Son’s work? What my Son told you, I say the same. We can’t allow you to be stuck with that work.

My little one, you are really tired. I want you to kiss me and my Son.

My daughter, thank you for the kisses to us. This is your loving Mother. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, rest in my arms. My Mother will reveal it to you – a promise is never broken. She is very delighted with you. She loves you too. I love you too.

[Fernanda] Jesus, thank you for making me feel much better. 

My child, I will help you to cope. You are not going to fall sleep in that chair. I will give you my strength – your Jesus, your loving God.



[1] Referring to a blessed image of the Sacred Face of Jesus.

[2] Afrikaans to English translation: bug, insect (a South African term of endearment for a little child).

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow