Give your will to Jesus, trust him and be at peace – everything happens in God’s time

06/03/2010 at 23h43
Themes: apostolic times, gifts of the Holy Spirit, God's love and mercy, loving God, prophecy, Rosary
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus, for everything, for all my gifts, for your love to me, my loved ones, the world. I thank you and I praise you.

[Fernanda writes at 00h05] I was focusing on Jesus’ eyes for a long time [1]. My Jesus’ Sacred Face, his bottom lip, all around it, was full of blood. His whole Sacred Face was changing so much. His eyes blinked very quickly. Oh, my Jesus, it was beautiful to fix my eyes on my Jesus.

Jesus Christ

My child, thank you for fixing your eyes on me, your Jesus.

My daughter, it was a beautiful day today, tonight, the sharing with my daughter Alice, the love poured out from you, my children, onto me and my Blessed Mother, and the prayer with my daughter Francesca Madie. Thank you, my children, for praying together to your Jesus and my Blessed Mother.

My daughter, do not fear, when you fix your eyes on your Jesus, it’s me, alive, real, purely for you, my child. I will demonstrate more and more to you. I will inscribe myself to you.

My daughter, your task, your mission, is in progress. I know you feel you have done nothing yet for me. You feel your hands are tied, that nothing is moving forward [with] all I have said for your work, that you haven’t relayed any of my messages to the world. My child, everything is in my care, under my control, for your mission: one thing at a time. Very soon, everything will start moving for you. I have been preparing you, teaching you, putting everything ready for your task. Then afterwards, you will see, my child, how things will start moving for you. My child, I have to be gentle with my child, nothing [with] abruptness. Thank you, my child, for your smile [given] to your Jesus. I know my daughter, how much you adore me, how much you love me and my Mother. My Father says thank you for always asking him, “Sua bênção [2], Father.” Very seldom do my children think of this beautiful gesture to my Father and the Holy Spirit. My child, we are all aware of everything, every movement of my children, every thought to us.

My child, your eyes are getting sore, heavy. Your head is feeling very heavy.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I love you and my Mother with all my heart. My Jesus, can my Jesus help me with this testimony for the Life in the Spirit Seminar? I have to talk about God’s gifts. Thank you, my Lord.

My child, I will help you when you start writing tomorrow. I will guide you with all the words. You are going to please me, you are going to lift up, glorify my name, my love to my children. I will be there. The Holy Spirit and I will give you wisdom and knowledge. My Mother, Father, the Holy Spirit and I, we are so excited, happy for my Andorinha’s [3] testimony in your Jesus’ name.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Lord.

My child, I want you to rest now. I know, my child, you are waiting for my Mother to converse with you.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I am waiting for my special Mother to converse with me.

My child, my Mother is smiling now. She says, “Wait now, my Son, it’s my turn now to converse with my child.”

Mother Mary

My child, I am your Mother, the Mother of your Jesus of Nazareth.

Remember, you went to Bethlehem to see where I walked with my Son Jesus, the place of my Son’s birth. You kissed [the ground] where my Beloved Son was born [4], and the flight into Egypt... My daughter, you were so interested, with so much love and compassion. My child, soon I will take you there again to the Church of Bethany.

My Son and the Holy Spirit have given you the gift of praying the Rosary in tongues. No one knows about this – only you and us. My daughter, about our secret, I am here to let you know that I will reveal it to you in detail. My child, just open your hands. I will place it in your hands. My child, your Mother loves you. My great desire is to give it to you. I will reveal it.

Tonight you are too tired. I will let you go and sleep, rest, then I will call again. Rest for a short while. I will talk to you soon. I have so much to speak to you about my Son and myself and you, my child.

I bless you, my Son’s Andorinha, and your loved ones and the whole world. This is your loving Mother. Rest in my Son’s arms. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, my little one, I, your Jesus, your God, your Lord, say to you, thank you. Your eyes are too heavy to open. Go in my peace, my peace I give you and your loved ones.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Jesus. I love you – your servant Fernanda.



[1] in front of an image of Jesus’ Sacred Face

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow’s

[4] Referring to the Grotto of the Nativity, an underground space that forms the crypt of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Fernanda kissed the exact spot where Jesus was born, which is marked with a 14-point silver start below the Altar of the Nativity.