An anti-abortion march led by the Church was celebrated in heaven – many hearts were touched and some repented of the sin of abortion

14/03/2010 at 13h40
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Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I love you. I am sorry, my Jesus, about last night. I didn’t sit with my Jesus and my Mommy. Jesus, I went to lie down for a while and then, to sit with my Jesus, I didn’t put on my pyjamas because I wanted to sit with my Jesus and my dear Mother, my Lord, then I fell asleep. I wanted to share so much with my Jesus about the abortion procession. I apologise my Jesus. I love you, my Jesus. Sorry, my precious Jesus, I am fixing my eyes upon my Jesus and I keep closing my eyes. I am tired. Sorry, my Lord, my Saviour.

Jesus Christ

My child, thank you for sitting here with me, my Mother, my Father, the Holy Spirit. I missed you last night, our conversation, but my child, I allowed you to sleep. I knew how tired you were. Your sacrifice was seen by me and my Beloved Mother. I couldn’t do that to you, my child, but at least now we are sitting for our conversation, our special time between you, your Jesus and my dear Mother.

My child, about the abortion procession [1], how emotional, how grateful I am to all my children giving their time for this special cause. My daughter, my happiness, my joy about this event, the words are not enough to describe the joy in my heart and my Beloved Mother’s. My Father, the Holy Spirit, the angels and the saints, they were all rejoicing at a banquet for this occasion. A lot of my children were very touched, their hearts melted. Some of my children will repent because of this procession. My child, I was watching you with my words written on a plain cardboard [2] made by you, the simplicity of carry my Living Word was so pleasing to show my children my pain for my babies [3]. Yes, my child, some of my children were able to read them. Thank you for being obedient to your Jesus. My child, my beloved archbishop was humble to carry my words in that letter and walk with all my children, all of them with love in their hearts for me and my dear Mother. They knew in their hearts my pains, [my call] to not kill my innocent children. The cries of my aborted children, their voices, joined in unison with yours, my children.

My child, my little one, relay this message to all my children and tell them that their God, their Lord, their Jesus, says thank you. Thank you, thank you for joining hands and hearts together for this occasion. I will bless them all and their loved ones.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus, for loving us and the world so much.

...private message removed...

My daughter, my Beloved Mother, she has been waiting for this moment since last night. See, my child, my Mother, she also has to wait for you, for her children to come and listen to her call. She and I, we have to have a lot of patience to wait.

Mother Mary

My child, I am here with you. I am Mother Mary, your Mother, the Mother of your God, your Beloved Jesus, my Son whom you adore profoundly. I thank you for that.

My child, about the procession against killing my little babies... Oh my child, the way all my children carried me, their Mother, in the streets, taking my petition to the high court to be heard, it was the most venerable thing to do – and courageous. I thank all my precious children for this gesture. My Son and I are grateful. We will protect them and bless all families and loved ones. With patience and love, our voices, your voices, are going to be heard. The atrocities, the carnage done to my little innocent, defenceless babies has to come to an end for the salvation of the sinners, especially the ones who committed abortion. My child, I repeat my Son’s words given to you: pray, pray without ceasing, asking my Father in heaven for mercy on the sinners who commit these crimes, the mothers, fathers, families, doctors, nurses and all my children involved in this crime of abortion. My child, my hands and my Son’s are getting too small and heavy to hold my babies dumped anywhere. Oh, oh, my daughter, their cries, their pains with those sharp instruments inserted into their tiny little [bodies, their] flesh. It’s heartbreaking to see them.

[Fernanda] My Mother, Alice, Francesca and I say thank you for this opportunity yesterday for your daughter Francesca to convey your message given to her by you, Mother of the Rays. She has been blocked, not being able to do [much] or speak about the messages and the book that she is writing about the messages of abortion and the Rosary. Yesterday, for the first time, she could expose the banner, the messages given from you, Mother of the Rays. Thank you, my dear Mother.

My child, I thank you, my special rosebud, chosen by me to proclaim my Son’s Living Word, the Rosary, the abortions...

My child Francesca had to undergo this process to do my work. She has had these trials, hardships, but my child Francesca, my Son and I are very pleased with all your sacrifices. Your Saturday prayers are much appreciated. My child, you have been teaching, planting a lot of my seeds into my lukewarm children. You have been teaching my children about your Jesus, about your Mother of the Rays. My daughter, never doubt your mission. You have been doing a lot, pleasing [and bringing] joy into my heart and my Son’s heart. About the book: my child, everything is in my care, my Son’s care, everything comes in my own time. When you are doing my work, my flower from heaven, nothing is easy, without pain and tribulation, but everything takes time, and all is going to fall into place like a puzzle. My daughter, precious Francesca, I want to say thank you for always being obedient to our Lady of the Rays, my Son, the Father God and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, my precious child. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my dear Mother, I love you very much.

My daughter, I leave you and your loved ones in my peace, in my love.

My humble servant, thank you for [praying the] Divine Mercy. My child, go and rest for a while, you need that. I will speak to you again today.

My peace I give you and your loved ones and the world – I, your Jesus, your God.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I love you very much ♥♥♥♥♥ xxxxxxxxxx. Lots of kisses to my Jesus and my dear Mother.


[1] About a thousand parishioners and priests from multiple parishes did a peaceful anti-abortion march in the streets of Hillbrow (Johannesburg), praying Divine Mercies, Rosaries and singing hymns, together with Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, who delivered a petition to the Constitutional Court to stop abortions.

[2] taken from a cardboard box

[3] The words were: “Don’t kill my babies, I created them, I gave them the Breath of Life, they have a right to live – this is your Lord, your God, your Jesus” as Jesus requested on 11/03/2010.