Be obedient to your call, give your will to Jesus, love him and his Blessed Mother, and don’t worry about tomorrow

15/03/2010 at 02h29
Themes: God's love and mercy, loving God, prophecy
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda writes] I was fixing my eyes on Jesus for a while.

[Fernanda] Sorry, my Lord, I fell asleep for a while.

[Fernanda writes] But, my Jesus’ lips, his Sacred Mouth and Sacred Face changed. Every time I said, “I love you, my Jesus,” his lips changed. As I sent my Jesus kisses, he sent me kisses as well.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Lord Jesus.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for your love given to me. Thank you for sitting in the shrine with my daughter Alice all these hours and sitting with me now after you came from the shrine.

My child, thank you for singing my favourite song to my children and, my child, for all the praises and worship given to me and my Mother. My humble servant, I will be with you wherever you are, and your loved ones. I embrace you for your love given to me and my Mother.

My child, it’s time for you to come home and to do my work only. I will send a helping hand at home. You need the rest for my work, your mission, your task. My daughter, don’t doubt your Jesus, your God. I will give you the rest that you need. Don’t worry how your finances are, how your house is to be paid. I will provide for you. I am telling you again, my Mother’s promise – it’s done, completed now. My Mother revealed it to you – just open your hands, your eyes, your ears, then you will see. I can’t wait to see your joy, your dancing because of this.

My child, every time you look at me, your smile is so beautiful. You are waiting for me to smile back. Your face is in ecstasy for me. My little one, thank you.

My daughter, my Mother, she is here waiting for you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I am your Mother Mary, the Mother of your Jesus, your God. I am here. It’s my happiness to be with you. Thank you for tonight, for all the praises, the singing. The Holy Spirit was very strong there. All glory to my Son!

My child, you are still waiting for your present. My child, look properly, it’s in your hands. Now open [it] up, I have given it to you.

My child, thank you for sitting here at this hour with me and my Son. The angels are around us. My child, tomorrow you are going to dance a lot for me and my Son, praising my Son and me, and saying thank you many times. My child, you deserve all of this that I have given to you, your present that I revealed to you.

My child, just open [it] and see.

Take care, my little one. I am with you always and my Son, the Father, the Holy Trinity, the angels and saints. Thank you, my daughter. I bless you and your family. Thank you for responding to my call.

[Fernanda] Mother Mary, thank you. I love you very much.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, this is your Jesus of Nazareth. I bless you all and your loved ones. Go in my peace, my peace I give to you and your family. Thank you for sitting with me and my Mother.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I love you, my Jesus – your Servant Fernanda.


[Fernanda writes] I prayed the Divine Mercy.