Come in humility to your Saviour Jesus Christ and receive many gifts of the Holy Spirit

16/03/2010 at 16h10
Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, loving God, praying

[Fernanda] My Jesus, thank you for the day, for everything. My Jesus, my Mother, I am here at work. My Lord, can I ask my Jesus a big favour? Tonight, at Life in the Spirit Seminar, they asked me to pray. Carol asked me to pray with her and Paulette for the baptisms [of the Holy Spirit] for our group. My Jesus, can my Lord help me with vision on the gifts [they are receiving], what are the words or prophesies to say to your children while I am praying for your children, my brothers and sisters in Christ? I want to be your instrument, for my Jesus, my Father, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary. I allow you, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit to use my hands, my mouth, my vision, [to show me the] prophecy to give to them. Thank you, my Jesus. I am open to Jesus and my Holy Spirit. Thank you, my Lord. Thank you, my Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

My child, my humble servant of mine. I will be with you, [with] the Holy Spirit, my Father and my Mother, your Mãe [1]. The Holy Spirit is going to work wonders on you. Thank you, my child, for your love to ask this from me, your Jesus. I will persevere with this on your behalf. You will do it in my name, your Jesus’ name. My child, once again, thank you for this. Be in my peace. You will feel my presence and my Mother’s, the Holy Spirit’s and my Father’s. You will be able to stand up and say all my words to give to my children. You will be able to tell them which gifts they are receiving tonight. And for you, my child, you will receive all my gifts, the gifts of the Holy Spirit given by me. You already have all my gifts from the Holy Spirit, but tonight you are going to get all the confirmation of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to you from your Jesus your God, the Holy Spirit, my Father and my Beloved Mother.

My child, thank you for your love for us all.

My Andorinha [2], my child, my dear Mother, she wants to relay something to you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I am your Mother Mary, the Mother of your Jesus...

My child, we have been interrupted. Relax, my child.

I thank you for your request for tonight. It’s so adorable of you to ask this. My child, I will stand by you as my Son said to you. I repeat the same words as my Son.

My child, my little one, thank you for praying to my Son and me all day without ceasing. I know how many times you kissed us all day long.

My little one, it won’t be long. We will have the time at home to converse without disturbances.

My child, I will make sure that you are going to leave early tonight to go to my house, my Son’s house, the church.

My child, I can see your eyes are already closing.

I give you my blessings and your loved ones. I love you, my child.

[Fernanda] I love my Beloved Mother.

Sorry, my child. Do not fear my other child at work. Soon you will be out of that fear, you are going to be free again.

Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, my Andorinha, this is your Jesus of Nazareth. I give you my peace, my blessings, to you and your loved ones. I am your God, your Lord, your Jesus.

[Fernanda] I love you, Jesus, with all my heart.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Mommy

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow