The youth need to be taught about the importance of Confession and Sister Reinolda May needs to be proclaimed a saint

25/03/2010 at 22h08
Themes: heaven, loving God, praying, Repentance and Confession, spiritual warfare, the Church
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you. You are going to rest now. Thank you for thinking about me and my Mother before going to sleep.

My child, I am very happy about tomorrow’s [programme] for my youth. Pray, pray at my Mother’s holy grounds for my youth. They need prayers to be prayed with your heart against Satanism.

I am happy with my daughter Celeste and her team for the effort of taking my youth to my Mother’s holy grounds. I will bless them. Oh my child, what a joyous pilgrimage. I will be there to listen to their Confessions. The youth have to be taught about Confession, the importance of Confession.

My child, my Blessed Mother, she wants to speak to you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I am Mother Mary, your Mother, the Mother of your God.

My child, you were going to sleep, but before that, you were thinking about my Son and me. Thank you for your love [given] to us, my Petal from our garden.

My child, I will touch my youth, my children’s hearts. Pray, pray for the youth at my holy grounds. Ask the intercession of my daughter Sister Reinolda May. She needs this intercession. She needs to be recognised by the world for the good work that she did for my children on earth. She has to be proclaimed a saint. In heaven she is already, but on earth she has to be recognised, she has to be noticed. It’s about time for my children to see the beautiful work she did for my children. Her example should be seen by my children.

Thank you, my daughter, relay this message. Don’t keep it to yourself. The world has to know.

My child, we have been interrupted.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, Sue sends her love. Cheryl and Alice say that they love you, Mother, very much.

My daughter, thank you. I love my three musketeers very much – my love always to my special children.

My daughter, I give my blessings to you and your loved ones. I will talk to you very soon. My precious Son is here waiting. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, I am your Jesus. I was listening to everything.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, Sue, Alice and Cheryl sent three big kisses on my Lord’s forehead. They said they love their Lord very much.

My child, I thank my three special daughters for their kisses. I will treasure them in my heart, my aching heart. Thank you, my daughter for being obedient to relay to me this message from my precious children.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I love you very much.

I bless you and your loved ones. I give you my peace, my peace I give you.

My child, you need to rest now. Thank you for your kind heart, for not neglecting me, your Jesus and my dear Mother. I, your Jesus of Nazareth came to you at this moment to say thank you and to say that I love you. Be in my peace.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my adorable Lord, my source of my entire life. I love you. Amen.