Jesus’ agony started at 9pm on Holy Thursday – Satan tried to tempt him, but we were his courage to persevere through his Passion

31/03/2010 at 21h20
Themes: apostolic times, God's love and mercy, God's pains, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, praying, prophecy, sins of the world, spiritual warfare
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

[Fernanda] My Jesus, my precious, crucified Jesus, my Lord, my Saviour, the Saviour of the world...

[Fernanda writes] I was fixing my eyes on Jesus’ Sacred Face until 22h00.

[Fernanda] Thank you, Jesus, for showing me your Sacred Face, your lips. Jesus, it was wonderful to see. My Jesus, I love you and my Beloved Mother. Oh my Jesus, I am sorry for the times that I and my loved ones, family, hurt my Jesus. I adore you. I praise you. I love you, my delight, my precious Jesus.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, I thank you for your love, for sitting here with me, your Jesus.

You are still tired... Just one more day, my child, then you are home for good, for me, my child, for your mission. [I am] getting things ready for you.

Oh my child, enter now, this week, into my Passion. My Beloved Mother’s pains, her suffering: we cannot describe the pain, the sorrow, the misery in seeing her Beloved Son suffer. My Blessed Mother suffers as well, as I [suffer]. My Blessed Mother’s pierced heart – it’s indescribably [painful for her] to see her Beloved Son expiate so much pain because of my children. My child, pray as much as you can for me and my Blessed Mother. My child, I will expose my pain to you. I will let you endure some of my pains. I know you desire to have them.

[Fernanda] Jesus, I just want to alleviate my Jesus and my Mother’s suffering.

My daughter, I will allow you to have [them]. My child, I will give you some of my strength to carry my pains and my Mother’s.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, also some of my Lord’s holy wounds – for my Jesus I can endure your pains for my Jesus’ glory. Jesus, make me humble and meek like Jesus when I have Jesus’ pain and holy wounds My Jesus, I am yours. I am your servant. I came here to serve you, my Lord.

Oh my daughter, thank you for this immense love to me and my Blessed Mother.

[Fernanda] I know, my Jesus, that I will never have the strength to suffer your terrible pain, but I know Jesus is going to give me strength and [only] as much as I can take. I leave myself open hearted to my Jesus. Use me, Lord. I am your instrument. I allow my Jesus to use me.

Thank you, my child, for giving your will to me – my balm to my heart and my Mother’s.

[Fernanda] Jesus, can I ask my Jesus what time tomorrow you started suffering your pains? How many hours did you, my Jesus, endure your pain? It started at the Mount of Olives? When I come home tomorrow, I can stay with my Jesus and pray.

Oh my daughter, thank you for asking these questions. My pain, my agony started at the Mount of Olives at 9:00pm with my Apostles. It went through the night. They came to fetch me at midnight. They took me to Pilate early in the morning. I was judged early Friday morning at about 5:00am, then they took me into the multidão [1], crowd. My child, one day, in a vision I will show you my Passion. I know how much you want that my child. The walk to Calvary, the heavy cross, my child, my shoulder, the pain, I cannot describe it, and what they did to me in prison – I suffered a lot. My child, read, read [about] my secret pains, meditate on them [2]. My child, on the way to Calvary: my falls – to stand up was horrific. My child, I was thirsty, my child, but the most thirst was for the salvation of my children, that’s what made me carry on, [it was] my strength when I was thinking that it was for all of my mankind, my people, my children.

Oh my child, my children, they hear all of this, but they just sigh and then carry on sinning. They don’t want to absorb my words, [which is] why I endured so much pain. It was for this reason. I choose to do this for my children. I don’t want my children to perish. Oh my Andorinha [3], they should listen more attentively to my living words, my Apostles. My child, my pain to be nailed... it is too crucial for words to tell – if [only] my children [would] sit, look at me and meditate on my holy wounds. My child, the crucifixion, hanging there with nothing to lean on. My body was suspended on that cross.

I know, my child, that sometimes your heart gets sore when you think how it is that your Jesus could hold that cross, how Jesus could hold himself up. I know, my child, that for a long time, this question was in your heart. My child, thank you for you always praying and thinking about this pain. Oh my child, it was one of the most horrific pains.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. Yes my Jesus, a lot of time in my heart, my mind, I was thinking exactly what my Jesus said.

My child, there is much, much more to tell you. In time, I will let you know a lot of my pains.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, thank you for suffering for me, my loved ones, my family and all your beloved children. Sorry, my Jesus, for the many times we never appreciated your sacrifice.

My daughter, my Blessed Mother, she is here waiting to converse with you, my child.

Mother Mary

My daughter, my little one, I am here. I am your Mother Mary. I am the Mother of your Jesus, your God of Eternity. My daughter, I was listening to the conversation between my Son and you, my precious child. Thank you for accepting my Son’s holy wounds, pains, sufferings.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, I know my Blessed Mother suffered so much agony, affliction, to see her precious Beloved Son with so much atrocity, carnage done to him. Oh my Mother Mary, what an atrocity to your heart! Oh my Mother, I just [can’t] imagine what your pierced heart went through. I will from now on pray, pray the Rosary of my Mother’s Seven Dolours [4] and the sorrowful pains to see if I can alleviate a bit of my Blessed Mother’s heart.

My daughter, I thank you for that. My daughter, still, despite my agony that I am going to enter into from today for my Blessed Son, I didn’t forget your present, my precious child. My daughter it’s not forgotten, everything remains the same. My child, you deserve what is given to you. Your patience to sit with us here, your love for my Son and me...

Remember, my child, tomorrow is your last day of work. I know you want to pray more for my Son and me, but there you can’t – even now, you are very tired. My child, you are our joy, our happiness. You are our balm for my Son’s heart, my heart, during this time of tribulation, agony, carnage, atrocity done to my Beloved Son and me. My child, thank you.

[This is] a new beginning a new life, a new episode for you, my child, with my Son’s resurrection on Sunday. There is so much happening to you, our child. Oh my child, after all of this happening, this sadness, there will be a mission for you, my child.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, my Jesus, your daughter at church, Jesus’ house, yesterday at Cedars, her name is something like Carolyn, I can’t spell properly, the lady is Indian and has a daughter... She asked me to pray for her to get a job, work. Lord Jesus, she needs this, she is the breadwinner and she doesn’t have a husband. She has to support her daughter. Thank you, Jesus, thank you, my Mother Mary.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for praying, for thinking about my daughter Carrolli. I will give her a job. She must trust her Jesus. I know she is desperate. Yes, my child, tell her to pray the Divine Mercy Novena [5] starting on Good Friday for this intention, but my child, I will give her a job. She will be happy again. Tell her that I love her and her loved ones very much. I will never leave or forsake my children. She is in my care, my hands. Give my love to her. She is in my heart, in the palm of my hand. Tell her thank you for all the prayers to me and my Blessed Mother, especially the one she always prays to me, “Oh my Jesus, you are my Saviour”.

This is your Jesus of Nazareth and my Mother Mary, we love you, my daughter. Relay this message to her, she will understand the content of it.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus and my Blessed Mother.

My daughter, go and rest. This is your Mother Mary. I give you my blessing and my love to you and your loved ones. I love you very much, my Petal.

My daughter, this is your Jesus, your source of your life. I am going into my Passion. I have to pray, pray to my Father. Pray also to my Father for me, his Beloved Son.

Oh my child, my adversary tried to tempt me [in my Passion]. My child, my children, they were my courage to carry on, to persevere into my Father’s Kingdom, [according] to my Father’s will.

[Fernanda] Thank you, Jesus, for all of this. No one in this world have ever done this – only my Jesus with all of your love for us sinners. Jesus, thank you for your precious love for us.

My child, go and rest now. You need to, you want to pray. Pray for your Jesus and my Mother. I understand that you are still at work, and you can’t do more for us. My child, from tomorrow, remember that your work is for your Lord, for me.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you. Be blessed my child, I am your Jesus, your God, your Lord [who] is about to enter now into big agony at the Mount of Olives where I took you to in Israel. You know where I was sitting. I allowed you to be there.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Jesus. I love you Jesus with all my heart – your Servant Fernanda.



[1] Portuguese to English translation: crowd

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[4] “Dolour” means “Sorrow”. See “The Seven Sorrows Rosary” in “Rosary” on

[5] See “The Divine Mercy Novena” in “Prayers” on