As Mother Mary recently requested in Medjugorje, pray for her special intention for this world before it’s too late

19/06/2024 at 02h35
Themes: end times, praying, Rosary, salvation, sins of the world
Mother Mary

My daughter, thank you for sitting with me, your Blessed Virgin Mother, at this hour of the morning. I know you are going to have a long day being very occupied with my children and all my prayer warriors, but I need to conclude our conversation with you.

My Andorinha [1], I have appeared to my visionaries all over the world for the same reason: to bring my children to my Son Jesus Christ, to know him for their salvation. [I have appeared] in many different countries asking them, my children, my visionaries, to pray, pray the Holy Rosary. At Our Lady of La Salette in 1846, I appeared weeping to my little ones Melanie and Maxim, already at that time [saying that] my children would suffer famine, the wheat would turn into powder, dust etc., if my children didn’t repent. Oh, they didn’t want to know about the salvation of their souls.

In Fatima, Cova da Iria, in 1917, [I appeared to] the three little shepherds and I asked my children to pray the Holy Rosary for the end of the war. Yes, my children prayed and made sacrifices, and the war ended and did not enter Portugal and many more [countries] around the world.

Oh, my task is arduous: to open their hearts, to repent, to come to my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart. As I said before, my child, if only my children would be obedient to our call – as [with] my 43rd anniversary of my appearances to my visionaries in Medjugorje. Yes, they also didn’t believe my visionaries, they also went through investigations, trials etc., but my child, I am still there appearing to some of my visionaries. You had the blessing to be there at my holy grounds three times by the will of my Son Jesus.

My children, I came in urgency on the 43rd anniversary, asking my daughter, my visionary Marija, for a novena of nine days for a special intention for this world. I thank all my children all over the world who are doing this novena at 11:30pm local time, at the same time or close to the time according to my children’s time available. I thank each one of you, my dear children, for this act of love, obedience to my call.

I see you and my children have also been doing the novena prayer. I do see each one of you in obedience to my desire for the intentions of my heart. Our Lady of Peace is much needed at this point in time.

My child, it’s 3am: time to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this world in need of repair before it’s too late, to stop the war and the outcome of the third world war, to placate the hand of God not to come down upon this world. How long can our Heavenly Father and my Son Jesus Christ allow the atrocities, the horrendous sinister sins upon their hearts, the profuse abuse by humankind, the children whom they love dearly?

I bless you, your loved ones and all my children upon this entire world. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving beautiful Blessed Holy Virgin Mother. I love Sua bênção [2].


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing