About Us

The Alpha and Omega Mission is not-for-profit organisation, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our mission is to spread the living Word of God and our Blessed Mother Mary through Jesus' chosen End of Times Messenger, Fernanda de Sequeira. Fernanda's rare gift of daily "conversations with God in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ" was first bestowed upon her on 28 September 2009. On 26 February 2015, Alpha and Omega Mission founding members, Charles Pritchard, Fernanda de Sequeira and Alice Grota, received a blessing from His Grace Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg to publish these messages and to proceed with the mission's healing and deliverance ministry. Teaching and healing seminars are run with the blessing of the Catholic Church together with priests who administer the healing Sacraments of Christ. The diocesan bishop's blessings can be found here and here, a hosting parish reference here, and a ministry reference here from Monsignor Barney McAleer, the coordinator of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) Foundation, who has volunteered much of his time to assist in our mission. The Alpha and Omega Book of Many Prayers also contains a reference to the authenticity of Fernanda's messages from bishop-appointed exorcist and Fernanda's spiritual director Rev Fr Colin Bowes.

Fernanda de Sequeira

Fernanda de Sequeira, born 26 July 1950 in the village Ponta Do Pargo, Madeira, is the youngest of six siblings, is widowed and blessed with two children. Fernanda has lived in South Africa since 1968 and has been a practising Catholic all her life, regularly visiting the sick and elderly in her community, and also participating in a healing and deliverance ministry. On 28 September 2009, she was blessed with the rare gift of conversing with the Triune God, Mother Mary and some heavenly saints, chosen by Jesus as his End of Times Messenger for his Second Coming. When Jesus Christ spoke to Fernanda, she miraculously started writing in English despite only four years of schooling in her mother tongue: Portuguese. Fernanda is blessed with many gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, and has spent countless evening hours in adoration and prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. She has had prior warning of natural disasters for which she has spent many hours as a prayer warrior praying to reduce their impact. As has been the case for many of God’s messengers and visionaries, her difficulties in getting her messages out to a world that ignores Christ's call continue. Despite the numerous crosses she has carried in her life, she has never complained and always puts the needs of others before herself.

Charles Pritchard

Charles Pritchard, born on 18 January 1971, is married and blessed with three children. He holds a PhD in Engineering and is non-executive chairman of Entelect, a company he founded in 2001. In October 2013, one overcast morning while out jogging in the vicinity of the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, a deep sadness overcame him and he found a place to sit and regroup. Here, Charles experienced a profound vision of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. It was at a time when he was seeking answers from God regarding his faith, the loss of his mother, a friend and his approach in helping the destitute in South Africa. Our Lord Jesus came to his rescue and over a period of months, the Holy Spirit gently guided him to the heart of Jesus, Mother Mary and the Catholic Church, from which he had drifted in his adult years. He came to understand that our Lord Jesus was calling him to be his voice, as is the case with all his followers, in a world that ignores his call. Charles has since committed himself to doing our Lord's work on various fronts. On 7 October 2014, he met Fernanda after giving his personal testimony at a local prayer group and has since been led by the Lord to help her launch and run this mission for the honour and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alice Grota

Maria Alice Grota was born in South Africa in 1955 to Madeiran parents. She was brought up as a Catholic and has followed her faith all of her life. Alice is married and blessed with three children. In 1999, she was touched by our Blessed Mother “Tabernacle of The Most High” at the Ngome Marian Shrine, where she was given visions and her mission through Our Lady and Jesus Christ. After her calling to devote her life to working in our Lord Jesus Christ’s harvest, Alice gave up her work that she had been committed to for 33 years. Alice has received many gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, which she uses to serve her brothers and sisters in Christ, all for his honour and glory. She is thankful for the Maronite priests in her parish for their help and support through the years. Since 2009, she has been working in a healing and deliverance ministry under Father Joseph Wilson (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart), whom she regards as her teacher, shepherd and anchor in the harvest. Alice carries out several duties that include going to hospitals, visiting the sick and the aged, counselling people, participating in prayer groups and leading pilgrimages to Ngome. Over the years, she has been, and continues to be, a strong pillar of support for Fernanda.