Alpha and Omega Healing Seminar in Buccleuch, Sandton: Saturday 28 Sep 2019
August 28, 2019  

Supplied by Charles Pritchard from Alpha Omega Mission
Become the saint you were created to be and attend our upcoming healing seminar by understanding God’s love and his call today through Jesus’ End of Times messenger, Fernanda de Sequeira. Fernanda, Charles Pritchard and the Alpha and Omega Prayer team will be sharing divine messages, teachings and testimonies on how to combat evil and be filled with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit: understanding, wisdom, knowledge, love, joy, peace, calm, patience, chastity, self-restraint and more. Priests will be available to hear Confessions, while a Family Tree Healing Mass and prayer overs will be led by exorcist priest, Rev Fr Colin Bowes. The seminar is open to all who are seeking the truth, irrespective of religious background.

Topics covered: God’s love; our purpose; doing penance for the remission of sins; Bible authenticity; combatting the enemy - spiritual warfare; protecting your home and family; Holy Mass; the Rosary; the new earth to come... click here for an overview of the presentation.

When: Saturday 28 Sep 2019 

Time: 8am to 6.30pm

Venue: 6 Margaret Avenue, Buccleuch, Sandton (Click here for a Google Maps link)

To confirm a booking: Message Ana on 0663006123 or contact us via our website.

For commentary from the highest in heaven: on a similar seminar a year ago, click here.

Dress code: Modestly for the concluding Holy Mass at 17h30, i.e., no shorts as God requests here.

For the Family-Tree Healing Mass: on a piece of paper prepare your petitions for your deceased family, including generational sins that you are standing in for them for, naming people if possible, so they and the living in your family can be set free from these curses and bondages. This link contains an offering prayer in Holy Mass from our Lord Jesus Christ to accompany your petitions. Click here for a deeper understanding from the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary on the power of this Holy Mass.

If you have time, prepare for the Sacrament of Confession: The short brochure version | The longer version

And if you have even more time, read through our websitewww.alpha-omega.org.za

No charge for the seminar. We will have a collection for the Mass offerings to assist the attending priests. A repository with religious items and books is available. Tea & lunch will be served.