Why we must not take the covid-19 vaccine
May 21, 2021  

Supplied by Charles Pritchard from Alpha Omega Mission
This report explains unequivocal dangers of the covid-19 vaccines, details of which have been censored in much of the media of today. It shares warnings from the world's most eminent medical advisors and researchers on this topic, together with the heavenly messages received from the Triune God instructing us to not take the vaccines. This report aims to bring to light what has been hidden in the dark, and shows clear collusion between Big Tech, Big Pharma and government leadership.

Charles Pritchard reports on 21/05/2021 | Download a printable PDF version here

Many people are asking whether or not to take the covid-19 vaccine. God the Father has confirmed through his humble servant Fernanda de Sequeira [1] that the virus that causes covid-19 is manmade, so too have some of the world’s most esteemed virologists. God says that we must not take the covid-19 vaccine because it is made from a mix of sins and contains chemicals that are harmful to us. Some of the world’s most eminent vaccine specialists issued similar warnings, yet their reports and videos have been disallowed on media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, plus they have also experienced a level of Google censorship. Furthermore, God tells us that this vaccine programme is part of a greater plan to insert a chip in us, the prophesied triple-six sign of the beast in the Book of Revelation. This article summarises the essence of the warnings and aims to bring to light what has been hidden in the dark. I urge all to read it and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Heavenly messages about covid-19 and its vaccines

Jesus Christ on 21/11/2014

My child, today in many parts of the world, my children are talking about the 666, which has been in the book of Revelation. Yes, my child, it has been approved in America. Yes my child, remember, I said to pray, pray, because of what is going to happen on my children’s bodies, their lives, against my will. Oh, my child, this is me, your Jesus Christ, your God, your Lord, the King of the universe and of all my children. This is one of the greatest signs of my Second Coming but still today, my children are in denial, not wanting to know the truth.

St Peter and St Paul on 29/06/2020

We are here with you as today is our feast day, celebrated all over the world. But, this year, this time of this disease, virus, epidemic, all over the world, has been a very painful time for many people in this entire world. This virus is out of control as this is not from our God, our Lord Jesus Christ – it is manmade as they are trying to be ahead of the mystery of God. Oh, our brothers and sisters with this coronavirus, epidemic, covid-19 are dying uncontrollably – millions, millions all over the world are coming to eternity.

Father God on 17/08/2020

My little lamb, my people, they are in a danger zone of their lives. My dear people, pray against the chip not to be implanted in my people, my children. My dear ones, do not allow this chip, the triple-six, 666, to be implanted in your body. It’s the sign of the beast that was revealed, said, in the Holy Bible in the Book of Revelation. My dear people, do not allow this new invention, vaccine, to be injected in your body. This is a perfidious invention to cause damage to your souls. This is not a vaccine from heaven. This is made from something to cause disruption, havoc, confusion. My dear people, be alert. Remember, the Holy Spirit will show my people what has been hidden to cause damage to my people’s souls. Very few will believe in these, my solemn words.

Father God on 01/09/2020

As the time is approaching, there is so much that my people must beware of not to fall into the trap of this new vaccine that is coming into the world for this virus, which they have called “coronavirus” covid-19. Oh my dear people, be strong, persevere, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, your only healer. Pray, pray! Don’t be lured by this kind of vaccine: it’s not from us here in heaven. This is not what my people need. This vaccine, invented in a short while, is dangerous to my people’s health. It’s manmade with a chemical that is not of our desire. My dear people, you are the temple of God, your body must be respected. It belongs to you. You also belong to me, your Creator Father God, my own flesh and blood. Be strong and courageous. Do not let yourself be tested. You are better off without that kind of vaccination. My dear people, know that the enemy is using many strategies to lure my innocent people, my children, to fall into his trap.

Father God on 19/12/2020

My little lamb, I [am] your Heavenly Father, the Ultimate, Unique Father to each one of you. But you, my dear people, with your stubbornness and attitude towards your Creator and my Son Jesus Christ, you don’t understand what is happening around the world. With this stubbornness of vaccine that is against my will and Son Jesus Christ’s, there is a mix of many sins within the vaccine to destroy my people. Very few government leaders of the world are against receiving this vaccine. Oh, they will pressurise my people. Yes, a chip, an invisible chip, is to be placed, given, to my people – oh, the sign of the beast! My dear children, my people, they are blindfolded from the real truth. My dear people, pray without ceasing.

Father God on 01/01/2021

Oh my people, as you enter this new year of so many predictions with this virus, disease (oh, there is so much media, technology around the world, so many inventions, vaccines, etc.), how many of you are aware of the dangers of all of this? How many of you are aware of the power of prayer, praying for the protection of my Son Jesus’ Precious Blood to inebriate your veins? Know, my dear ones, that all manmade technology that my people are focused on, know that the wisdom, the knowledge of the Holy Spirit comes from the highest of heaven. My people, do not go beyond the mystery of God. I am the Creator, the Creator of heaven and earth. I created the world and each one of you. I allowed my Son Jesus to be born and to die with excruciating pains. My Son Jesus endured those pains – pains that no one would take and survive. My people forget that the miracle comes only from the Father Almighty God.

Mother Mary on 11/01/2021

I, Blessed Virgin Mother, I have run out of words to ask for mercy and compassion upon this dismantled world. Yes, the illness of this covid disease is controlling the world – oh, a manmade war without weapons is causing the fall of nations, poverty, suicide, famine, and my children are too weak in their faith, prayers, to be strong in those difficult times of this era, epoch, para atravessar [2], to pass through the huge mountain in front of them. My dear children: my children, they wanted to be God, but the hand of God and of my Son Jesus, the Triune God, can destroy and can build at any time. Do not go beyond the mystery of God because it belongs only to God.

Jesus Christ on 13/01/2021

My children are in confusion, doubt, fear, not knowing where to turn, [with] too many questions about the vaccines and about the disease, but very few prayers are being said, prayed. They must know that if they are in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, trusting in my love, my words [they will be at peace] – yes, there is so much confusion and turmoil at this precise moment. My children must take one day at a time. This is the time of apostacy. My devoted, faithful children, my messengers, my Blessed Mother’s visionaries, they are mute because my voice is not heard in this world. There is so much fear from manmade laws but not from the voice of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Father God on 13/01/2021

My little lamb, my people whom I love dearly, my own people, they are going through the beginning, the start, of the labour pains. Yes, there is a course, a prejudice, upon this entire world as my people are approaching an epoch, era. [It has] been specifically said, told, for many long years that the time will come for my people to turn to the Son of God in intense prayers, to reconcile with my Son, the living Son of God. Yes, to turn away from sin.

My people must remember as they were growing up in their lives, about the signs of the times, the Second Coming – the Church will be split, faith will be like a tiny thread. Persecutions, famine, the sign of the beast, triple-six, will come against my will and my Son Jesus’, against heaven.

My little lamb, we have been giving you prayer requests to pray against the chip and the triple-six, to be implanted in my children’s bodies, the sign of the beast. Yes my Petal, it’s here already in this world. My people must be aware of this condemnation. Be aware, aware. This sign, chip, is against heaven. Pray, pray. Spread these prayers for my people to also pray for it not to be implanted in my people’s bodies.

World-renowned medical specialists speak out against the covid-19 vaccines

Some eminent medical scientists have pointed out that this is a manmade virus and that the vaccines are harmful to us, some of whom include:

  • Prof Luc Montagnier, co-founder of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, co-director of the Program for International Viral Collaboration, founder and president of the World Foundation for Medical Research and Prevention, recipient of more than 20 of the world’s most prestigious medical awards, including the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering HIV, says that this virus is manmade.
  • Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, world renowned microbiologist and recipient of 11 of the world’s most prestigious awards in medicine, proves that the covid-19 vaccines are very dangerous as they alter your genetic makeup, that vaccines developed as quickly as these cannot be safe and that we must not take them (some of these interviews and reports can be viewed on this link).
  • Prof Dolores Cahill, world renowned molecular biologist and immunologist, recipient of numerous prestigious awards, international expert and advisor with over 5490 academic citations, proves the dangerous long-term results of these vaccines.
  • Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, an eminent virologist researcher and ex adjunct professor who has led numerous international vaccine projects, says that we must not to take these vaccines and proves why.
  • Dr Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientist of Pfizer Global R&D, believes a large-scale experiment is now well under way, which may have terrible implications for the global population.
  • Dr Ryan Cole, CEO of Cole diagnostics, which is one of largest independent labs in Idaho, USA, explains how these so-called vaccines are an experiment on society and based on bad science and government collusion.
  • Dr Li-Meng Yan, an eminent post-doctoral researcher and virologist, who is in hiding from the Chinese government, proves the lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 and that the Chinese government and the World Health Organisation knew about the transmission before it was made public. This finding concurs with a message received from our Lord Jesus Christ on 05/03/2020 where he stated that “millions have already died in China”, and on 22/03/202 our Almighty Father God said that they are “just being cremated without a proper burial”.

And the list goes on... For example, this open letter to the European Medicines Agency, signed off by prolific university professors, researchers and specialist doctors, highlights concerns regarding the safety of the vaccines and requests all gene-based vaccines be withdrawn until these issues have been addressed. It states that the approval of the covid-19 vaccines was premature and reckless, and that the administration of the vaccines constituted and still constitutes “human experimentation”.

The vaccines emanate from the sin of abortion

Despite mention of the contrary, these covid-19 vaccines have been developed from aborted babies. Some try and argue that the vaccines developed from foetal cell lines don’t contain foetal cells. Although foetal cell lines have been grown in a laboratory, they descend from aborted babies’ foetal tissue. So, whether the vaccines contain aborted foetal tissue or foetal cell lines or have been tested with foetal cell lines, the research was seeded from sin, from the murder of an innocent child, and is therefore the fruit of a poisonous tree. By allowing or purchasing any products that emanate from such research, we become supporters of the sin of abortion, giving the dark side of medicine more power and justification to operate, thus further breaking the moral fibre of society.

These voices of truth have been muted through online censoring

The above-mentioned researchers, as well as many others who express similar sentiments, have been blocked on Facebook, YouTube and/or Twitter. All of the Alpha and Omega Mission’s heavenly messages stating that the covid-19 vaccine is not of God have also been blocked and removed from Facebook. It started with warnings from their so-called “fact checkers”, whereafter these posts were removed from our timeline. Users were blocked from posting anything for set periods of time as the posts allegedly did not comply with their “community standards”. I have also noticed a level of censorship on Google on this subject. To get a truer and more balanced view of what is being published on the Internet, I would recommend the use of alternative Internet search engines when conducting research.

As an example of the above, on 04/05/2021 I published the following quote below an image of a bar-code on my personal Facebook profile:

“And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.” (Revelation 13:17–18)

I added the following text to my post:

“This evil plot is of course in motion. Buying travel tickets is becoming a problem unless one has this “666” passport – yes, it’s that tiny little chip that they’re trying to pop in us under all sorts of false pretences, and yes, the dodgy so called vaccine preventative measures around this manmade virus is part of the latest strategy to see it through...”

After posting it, I received a message saying that I was unable to post or comment on Facebook for 24 hours. The message was removed off my timeline, informing me that “This is because you previously posted something that didn’t follow our Community Standards. This post goes against our standards of misinformation about COVID-19, so only you can see it.”

The next infringement was a 72-hour ban.

Why block freedom of expression?

Indoctrination through the spreading of false media to promote a hidden agenda is an age-old strategy of evil to control the minds of people. Just as we saw how Adolf Hitler indoctrinated the Nazis to perform their monstrous acts against humankind, so too do we see the same in modern society, but on a far worse scale. For example, the modern press says next to nothing about the abortion massacres of hundreds of millions of innocent children every year. In fact, abortion is seen by many as a victory for women’s rights. Governments around the world allow these innocent babies to be slaughtered every second of the day by doctors who are supposed to protect lives. The trade of 24-hour abortion pills through pharmacies is a lucrative business, which includes contraceptives that are falsely marketed as preventing pregnancies but in fact are abortifacients. Even if a contraceptive method doesn’t abort a child, by promoting and/or using contraceptives, we are still trying to play the role of God. God the Father is the Creator and God decides if a child is born or not, not us. Modern medical clinics have become human butcheries, the market for the remains aborted babies is growing, yet many turn a blind eye to it and vote these lawmakers into government.

In context of the covid-19 pandemic and rushed vaccine agenda, it is clear that there is a coordinated and clandestine plan behind all of this. The level of collusion between Big Tech, Big Pharma and governments at the highest levels of leadership is uncanny. If Satan can trick these pundits into justifying and promoting the abortions of hundreds of millions of babies a year, and at the same time get the majority of humankind, whom he has under his spell, to accept this sin (as is the case today), surely he can convince them into culling and/or controlling the weak, frail and elderly? Does humankind really have to go through this and more manmade disasters to finally wake up and see the truth? No! It’s time to reject all of this sin, to see it for what it is, to disempower the enemy, to move forward in the light of Jesus Christ and live the way our Creator intended us to live.

Concluding heavenly messages on which to meditate

Jesus Christ on 04/05/2021

These are the pains that you have been feeling as this world continues so much on a rampage of sins, atrocities, with countries falling under severe spells of the enemy’s attacks – satanic spells, the occult.

Mother Mary on 27/08/2020

There are more abortions committed than babies born – every day, non-stop.

Mother Mary on 01/01/2021

Oh, the abortions! Every day a million of my little ones are killed without mercy. Yes, I do go and pick them up with my bare hands and place them in a special [place] in heaven.

Father God on 29/04/2021

Yes, my little one, there are so many hidden agendas in this world where they are fabricating so many abortions – oh, the sin of abortion – and my people are still falling for those who are practising this kind of sinister crime under false presences, with riches behind those lies. Clinics have become butcheries – yes, some doctors, nurses who are behind all these crimes just for their own gain. Yes, they can lie to the whole world but not to the Creator who created my defenceless little ones. These, my people, should help my people, my children, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh my people fall into the trap of the enemy. Yes, families, mothers, fathers, are part of these crimes and become part of the assassins of their own flesh and blood. My people, pray for these criminals to repent and to confess before it’s too late to come to eternal life.

Oh my little lamb, my people are living in this world with blinkers on their eyes. If only my people would see what is behind the scenes of man with power and money, but these souls are committed to damnation of sin.

Father God on 04/05/2021

Yes, my people are experiencing labour pains. They have to know that this has been proclaimed since the beginning of time – it’s in the Book of Revelation. My people are trying to be God (like the fallen angels wanted to be more than God) then the punishment will fall upon them, the world. Everything that God created is perfect, but many countries are trying to be God with their inventions. Oh, my little lamb, there is a limit that I, your Father God, will allow this to happen. I am a merciful, loving Father God but my people are following their own rules. They must know that the hand of God can strike at any time. Oh, my people must open their hearts and not resist the love of God sent from heaven. Upon the cross, my Son Jesus Christ’s aim was your salvation.

Jesus Christ on 08/05/2021

As this world continues with so much happening without my children’s knowledge, my children are focused only on this epidemic of covid-19. My children don’t see how many innocent, defenceless little foetuses, babies are killed every second of the day all over the world – the deaths, the killings, abortions, abortions! Oh, my children don’t take this into account – it’s much, much more than this disease. Oh, but no one speaks or talks about these killings, [about] how many of my children are killed, murdered, dying of all kinds of sicknesses, illnesses, diseases.

Father God on 02/12/2020

My little one, there is much more happening in this entire world without my people’s knowledge. As this world revolves, there are major, massive, happenings that my people are not comprehending, that my people are not aware of. My little one, you do have some of our secrets that at the moment cannot be revealed until my Son Jesus allows you to reveal, convey, them. Oh, there are so many hidden agendas upon this world as my Son Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is approaching, but my people don’t believe it. My Son Jesus’ hand cannot be held up for too long as the Chastisement will come upon this world. Oh my dear people, do not fear the words of my Son Jesus’ End of Times. Be prepared at any time, as you also don’t know when it’s the time of your last breath on earth. Be prepared with a good Confession, repentance. Be in a state of grace at all times, in peace amongst one another, forgiveness etc.

My people are reading these messages but how many of them are really believing that the Son of Man is coming very soon? Are they reading, hearing the truth and believing and accepting the concept of them turning to my Son Jesus with a contrite heart?


[1] Fernanda de Sequeira is our Lord Jesus Christ’s ultimate messenger for his Second Coming. On 26 February 2015, Fernanda and our mission received a blessing from her diocesan bishop, His Grace Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, to publish these heavenly messages. Since I met Fernanda in 2014 and have been working with her on this mission, I have received many confirmations that she truly is his messenger for his Second Coming, including a visit from our Lord Jesus Christ confirming this truth in 2017.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: to cross