BigTech censorship of the truth on covid-19 has reached an unprecedented level
May 31, 2021  

Supplied by Charles Pritchard from Alpha Omega Mission
Dear Alpha and Omega Mission Subscribers,

This is a note to confirm that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google are censoring on an unprecedented scale when it comes to the covid-19 vaccine – and in other areas too. What is concerning is that in addition to God’s voice (through his messenger for this End Times) being blocked, the voices of world-renowned professors and doctors in the field of virology, who are warning against the long-term side effects of these rushed vaccines, are also being censored on much of this “BigTech” media.

All the heavenly posts and award-winning medical professors’ insights, included in our last update on “Why we must not take the covid-19 vaccine” on 21/05/2021 [1], were removed from the Alpha and Omega Mission Facebook page as well as my personal Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Facebook, for example, starts with auto removal of the post and “private” warnings, stating non-compliance with their “community standards”, then if you persist, disables access for periods of time, and finally a complete banning. In 2019, prior to covid-19, we also once experienced the removal of all Facebook posts that were linked to our website – after much complaint, our page was re-instated, but since then our advertising reach for potential subscribers has not been as it was before (i.e., the page was downgraded without informing us). More recently, I have noticed that LinkedIn, which markets itself as a platform for professionals to share views, removes posts it disagrees with and states that they don’t comply to their “professional standards”. This makes me wonder, what exactly is their professional standard? Does the platform provider decide or the professionals? Also, when I try to post the fact that articles are being censored, these posts are removed too.

It is disconcerting to see the many videos posted from a number of world-renowned scientists (who have been issuing serious warnings about the vaccines and proposing alternative treatments that work), have simply been removed from YouTube and their voices have been muted or downgraded on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Furthermore, if one conducts Google searches on the covid-19 vaccines (such as “vaccine deaths”) and compares these statistics with alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo, the results are shockingly different. Understandably, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms behind it all are different, so results will differ, but the differences are beyond that – Google is clearly only painting one side of the story.

This modern day BigTech censorship and blocking of the voices of truth is a form of indoctrination and a recipe for disaster – as history has shown in other contexts. It is clear there is a more sinister strategy in place to be in control of more than what meets the eye – the Holy Trinity has been warning us of this. To understand the truth on this subject, please spend some time on www.alpha-omega.org.za and use alternative web search engines in your search of the truth.

God bless,

Charles Pritchard

Alpha and Omega Mission Representative

PS: For the above note with screenshots of some posts that were removed from Facebook and LinkedIn: click here to download the PDF.


[1] A couple of days later on 23/05/2021, God the Father clarified and confirmed to Fernanda that this press release can be circulated: “Oh, my people, they are so concerned about how to handle this situation with the vaccine. My little lamb, as I have explained to you before all about this, as I have said to you, so has my Son Jesus Christ, they must be aware of the later stage side effects. My children, my people have their own free will. As I have told you before, I don’t want you to take it. They were using some kind of foetus for experimenting, but there is more – some other kind of other substance in it that is against my will. My son Charles and my son Paul have given a summary that you can pass on to my people, but they have their own free will – they must pray to the Holy Spirit for clarity.”