Alpha and Omega Mission's books are now available for online ordering and delivery in South Africa
November 23, 2021  

Supplied by Charles Pritchard from Alpha Omega Mission
The Alpha and Omega Mission is pleased to announce a partnership with ServeSA, an affiliated South African charity-owned company that assists in the printing and distribution of our books to communities in need.

To purchase The Alpha and Omega Book of Many Prayers and The Alpha and Omega Healing Guide for delivery anywhere in South Africa, visit ServeSA’s Online Bookstore.

Alpha and Omega Mission’s objective is to make all the heavenly messages and associated online healing and teaching resources digitally available, for no charge, worldwide – all of which can be freely downloaded off our website for localised printing and distribution on a non-commercial basis.

If anyone would like to assist us in the distribution and delivery of physical books in other countries, feel free to Contact Us.