Prepare for the Three Days of Darkness by acquiring the newly released 2nd edition of the Alpha and Omega Book of Many Prayers
December 7, 2021  

Supplied by Charles Pritchard from Alpha Omega Mission
This newly released Book of Many Prayers that our Lord Jesus Christ keeps quoting in his conversations to his messenger for his Second Coming, Fernanda de Sequeira, has more prayers than Edition 1 and has been revised with separate chapters for salvation missions, the Three Days of Darkness and Rosary Chaplets. Our Lord Jesus says that prayer groups are his only hope in these End Times. Give him a Christmas present by starting a prayer group in your area with this book!

For deliveries within South Africa, order online here:


For other countries, a free printable copy can be downloaded on from our website to take to your local printers.

Remember: In the Three Days of Darkness, no electronics will work, so a physical copy of the Book of Many prayers will be of great help!

If you would like assist in the printing and distribution of this book, The Alpha and Omega Healing Guide (and other books to come) in your country, please Contact Us.